Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version APK for Android

WhatsApp is the single most popular app that all smartphone users swear by. Nowadays, it is hard to come across a single person who owns a smartphone but does not use Whatsapp. With WhatsApp, there seems to have occurred a revolution in the way we communicate and keep in touch with each other. Right from instant messaging to voice calls and video calls, there is nothing that you cannot do with this wonder app – WhatsApp.

There are more than 100 million users across the world, who use WhatsApp. Researchers have conducted extensive studies which suggest that on an average, every user spends a minimum of 2 hours on WhatsApp every single day. It, therefore, does not come to us as a surprise to realize that WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Now, there are certain features in WhatsApp, that tend to restrict your usage of the app. These restrictions can be overcome when you use the Whatsapp Plus app.

What is the Whatsapp Plus application?

Chances are that many of you have already heard about this new and advanced application called Whatsapp Plus. This Whatsapp Plus app is basically a modified version of our favourite WhatsApp for Android mobiles. This new application, Whatsapp Plus, has been developed by a Spanish person, Rafale, back in 2012. The latest version of Whatsapp Plus APK has been developed based on the WhatsApp version 2.18.9.

The Whatsapp Plus comes with a user interface that looks very similar to that of the original WhatsApp. But what makes it different is the inclusion of certain interesting features, which are otherwise absent in the original app. With this Whatsapp Plus, you get to customize the app to a greater extent with a wider range of options related to themes, wallpapers, and other stuff.

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Features offered by Whatsapp Plus

Let us check out all the cool and exciting features that are being offered by this Whatsapp Plus application.

With Whatsapp Plus, you can now:

  • Stylish themes

You can choose to change the overall appearance of the WhatsApp by choosing from any of the several beautiful and stylish themes that are available in Whatsapp Plus. You get to choose from more than 700 themes which are available free of cost. By changing the theme of your WhatsApp, you can change not just the background of your chat window, but everything like shades of the bar, texts etc.

  • Edit the look and feel

The latest version of Whatsapp Plus for Android allows you to change the skin and also edit the look. You can change the size and appearance of the pop-up notifications, size of the contact images and headers, size of the widget and much much more.

  • Chat privately in offline mode

Chatting anonymously and that too in offline mode is something that is not possible using the original WhatsApp. But these are easily doable when you have the Whatsapp Plus app downloaded on to your mobile device.

  • Customize your application

The latest version of Whatsapp Plus comes with many more themes and wallpapers that you can choose from. So you get a wider range of choices to customize this application in any way you want to.

  • Easily hide your own last seen data

Using the latest version of Whatsapp Plus, you can hide your last seen information from others. While this is also possible to achieve in the original version of WhatsApp, it is good that this feature is also included in this modified version of the app.

  • Hide your online status from others

Even if you are online in Whatsapp Plus, you can choose to hide it from being displayed to your contacts. Now, this is something really cool and you will not find this feature in the original WhatsApp. The original version of WhatsApp does not let you hide your status if you are online at a particular time.

  • Hide the second tick and the blue tick

Whatsapp Plus provides greater privacy and allows you to adjust each and every privacy option to a greater extent, as compared to the original WhatsApp. So now, you can choose to not display the 2nd tick that indicates message delivery. Moreover, you can also go to the extent of choosing to hide the second blue tick on your messages. This has been done with the intention of maintaining secrecy from the recipient of your message.

  • Set automatic replies

You can now set automatic replies to all the messages that you receive on WhatsApp. This feature is just like the automatic replies that you can set in your email box, and is a wonderful feature for those who are always on the move. In case you are unreachable via WhatsApp too, the sender can be easily notified by the automatic replies and you can get in touch with them once you are back online.

  • Increase the limit of file sizes

The latest version of Whatsapp Plus lets you increase the size limit of files that you wish to share with your contacts. The original version of Whatsapp applies an upper limit when it comes to sharing files with your friends, but you can choose to expand and extend that further beyond, with this modified Whatsapp Plus app.

  • Add WhatsApp group description

There is no way for you to add a description about any group that you create in original WhatsApp. However, the modified version of this app i.e. Whatsapp Plus, lets you add a short description to each group so that it is easier to understand what a certain group is all about. This is especially useful for a newly added member of the group, which might have a clear idea of the reason for creating that group.

  • Boost video limit of status

WhatsApp lets you add videos to your status, which stay valid for 24 hours. Now, what if you wish to upload a video file that is too large? Well, in that case, you cannot upload that file to your status. But with Whatsapp Plus, that will never be the case. You can easily increase the limit of file size for your status so that you can even upload a longer video.

  • Set the anti-revoke message feature

This is another excellent feature that is supported by Whatsapp Plus. With the help of this anti-revoke feature, you can choose which messages sent to you cannot be deleted by the sender. This is especially useful in case of group chats, where the sender might want to revoke an important message. With the anti-revoke feature ON, that cannot be done and all messages sent to you will remain visible and valid.

  • Revoke, recall and schedule messages

The latest version of Whatsapp Plus allows you to access features which you have come across in your mailbox. Just like revoking mails, you can also revoke messages sent accidentally to the wrong recipient. While it is not possible to revoke sent messages in the original version of WhatsApp, the modified version does provide this useful feature. Moreover, you can also recall and schedule when to send messages, using Whatsapp Plus latest version.

  • Change the launch icon of WhatsApp

In case you feel that the WhatsApp launcher icon looks too monotonous and some change would make you feel better, you can do that right away using the Whatsapp Plus latest APK for Android.

  • Use a status clipboard

Many a time, in WhatsApp original version, you might like a status that has been uploaded by a friend of yours. But there is no way you can download it to your phone from there; WhatsApp does not come with that feature. But if you wish to copy that status from your friend, then you will need Whatsapp Plus latest version for Android.

  • Increase the status limit to 255 characters

Currently, the latest version of the original WhatsApp does not support very long messages on the status. But if you use Whatsapp Plus latest version for Android devices, then you can seamlessly upload a status of up to 255 characters.

  • Load, save and share themes with friends

Sharing with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp has now become easier than ever, with a whole lot of cool features offered by the latest version of Whatsapp Plus for Android. You can easily share themes with your friends and accept and save themes that they share with you. You can load more and more themes and wallpapers and customize your view as your choice.

  • Access a log

The latest version of Whatsapp Plus for Android let you keep track of the online status and time of last seen, for all your contacts. This is especially useful for tracking down someone based on their availability and online activities. You can access a record or log that is maintained by this modded version of original WhatsApp, to find out such information.

  • Hide recording

While you record an audio clip, you can choose to hide it from being visible to others. This is a nice way to keep the appearance more organized and clutter free especially in case of WhatsApp group chats.

Download Whatsapp Plus latest version for Android

Now, in order to enjoy all of these amazing features, you need to first download the latest version of Whatsapp Plus on your Android device. How would you do that?

First and foremost, you must ensure that your mobile device comes with Android version 4.0 or up. The latest version of Whatsapp Plus is compatible only with those specific versions of Android platform.

When you know that your device will support the modded version of WhatsApp, downloading it will be really fast and simple.

The following steps mentioned here will guide you download and install Whatsapp Plus latest version for Android.

  1. First, you will need to select the enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the Settings menu of your mobile, otherwise, you will not be able to download this mod version of Whatsapp Plus.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Security > “Unknown Sources”
  3. Then, download the latest version of Whatsapp Plus from here.
  4. When the download is over, click on the icon to install the app
  5. When the installation is over, you can start using this modded app
  6. After successfully installing this application on your Android device, it will prompt you to verify your phone number.
  7. You need to enter your mobile number to verify
  8. Once your number is verified, you can start enjoying all the cool features of Whatsapp Plus


The latest version of Whatsapp Plus for Android platform is a really amazing application that lets you enhance and build up a richer and more advanced experience of using the original version of Whatsapp. This article has been created to give you a clear idea about what you can expect from this modded version of original WhatsApp.

Access to unlimited features, a huge array of the most attractive themes and wallpapers along with excellent and advanced privacy options have led to the skyrocketing of the popularity of this Whatsapp Plus latest version.

The easy guide to installing WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone is simple enough. So you can refer to the simple instructions here and easily download and install the Whatsapp Plus latest version. Be ready to unlock a whole world of the best WhatsApp tweaks and tricks with this Whatsapp Plus.

With the whole lot of cooler and even more fascinating themes, you can now enjoy to the hilt and maximize your enjoyment. The original WhatsApp is available for everyone, but how many of your friends and contacts are aware of about this amazing modification?

Well, you can now choose to amaze them even more, with the whole new exciting and improved features of Whatsapp Plus on your mobile. Show them the magic and share with them how they can improve their experience with the Whatsapp Plus for Android, too.