Download Latest Megabox HD APK For iOS, Android, PC-Free Version

Do you want to watch all your favourite movies without having to go outdoors? Well, you can now watch them on your computer and that too free of cost!

Who doesn’t like to watch the latest movies and the best quality videos and that too in HD clarity? And when it is for absolutely free of cost that automatically becomes the icing on the cake! There are only a few things that can derive greater pleasure than watching an HD quality movie by sitting on your couch with a tub of popcorn. And this whole experience is all set to get even richer with the latest Megabox HD APK.

What is this Megabox HD app?

The latest Megabox HD APK is the best software application that is available today that you can use for streaming videos of HD clarity on your mobile devices. This video streaming software, which is by far the most popular one, is available free of cost. You just need to download it on to your mobile device and start streaming hundreds of movies, all the latest ones as well as your favourite TV shows.

With this amazing software application, now there will be no chance of you having to skip or miss any of the shows on TV or even the latest movies. The Megabox HD APK streams all digital videos with High Definition Resolution. It also comes with a huge library of movies and shows, categorized according to different genres and preferences. You can watch all of these and enjoy HD clarity videos without having to shell out anything extra from your pocket.

You might get to hear complaints from users of several other movie streaming apps. Many of the other video streaming applications often encounter various errors which force them to stop midway and break away from watching a video or movie. But with the Megabox HD APK, that will never be the case. You can enjoy unlimited movies and shows belonging to the most diverse genres on this MegaBox HD APK, without the slightest interruptions from errors or problems.

Features of the latest Megabox HD APK

You must be wondering what is so cool about this application that makes it such a great hit. The features of this latest Megabox HD APK are discussed here so that you can take a look at them and see for yourself.

Along with the widest range of movies and television shows and serials, the MegaBox HD APK is also full of several other amazing features. With this application, you can now:

  • Watch any kind of TV show at any later time, when you are free
  • Stream movies and shows and videos of different genres free of cost
  • Watch animated movies and shows in a better quality image, which can be equally attractive and be engaging for the kids
  • Select from any of the various video formats available, to make the streaming suitable for smaller or larger screens of devices
  • Video formats of 360 p, 720 p, and 1080 p are available for you to choose from
  • Use its simple but advanced user interface to download, play, pause or resume movies and other shows
  • Download multiple movies at the same time by using its quick download feature
  • Enjoy all movies and videos on HD clarity for a better experience
  • Search and filter through its huge repository of movies, by genres, names, year of release, rating etc
  • Enjoy the benefits of free download and store multiple movies at one go
  • Watch HD movies using its Chromecast compatible feature

Download Megabox APK for iOS

The latest version of Megabox HD APK is available for users of different software platforms. If you are currently using an Apple device like iPhone or iPad that run on iOS, it is really very easy to download the Megabox HD APK latest version, to stream all your videos. You will not need to jailbreak your iOS device or even root it, in order to download and enjoy movies with the Megabox HD APK.

Following these few simple steps mentioned below, you can download Megabox HD APK on your iOS device.

  1. Firstly, download the VShare application from here
  2. Install VShare on the device and open it
  3. Navigate to its home screen and search for Megabox application there
  4. Download the latest Megabox HD app and wait until it shows that download is complete
  5. After download finishes, install the application on your iOS device
  6. Open the application. You are now ready to enjoy HD quality movies and TV shows

Now, how will you use this Megabox HD APK on your iOS device?

When you have installed the Megabox HD APK on your iPhone or iPad, you have also unlocked a world full of entertainment options and fulfillment. Using this Megabox HD APK is also quite easy now.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open the Megabox HD application that you have installed on your iPhone or iPad
  2. You will find a whole library of videos and movies
  3. Select any one as per your wish
  4. You can filter and refine your search results using the different preset criteria
  5. Select the video or movie that you want to watch
  6. Start streaming. That’s it!

Download Megabox APK for Android

Megabox HD APK is not available in the Google Play Store for users to download it. But there is no need for Android users to be sad at this since they too can enjoy the benefits and features of this cool Megabox HD application on their devices. Although there is no way you can download this video streaming app directly, you can still use a third party link to download it on to your Android phone or tablet.

Follow these simple steps in order to download and install the Megabox HD APK on your Android devices.

  1. Firstly, download the Megabox HD application directly from this link over here
  2. Then, go to Settings > Security and turn ON Unknown Sources
  3. Navigate to the location of the downloaded file on your Android device
  4. Double tap on the file to open it and start the installation process
  5. After installation completes you are ready to browse through the thousands of movies and TV shows and enjoy yourself

Using this application on your Android phone or tablet is the same as on any other device. You are now ready to enjoy a world of exciting movies and TV shows, all in HD quality and that too at zero cost!

Download Megabox APK on Your Windows or Mac Computer

Apart from using this very popular Megabox HD APK to watch movies on your mobile device, there are many who want to experience the same joy using their personal computers. And, the good news is that this is easily achievable too.

With just a minor tweak in the download procedure, you can easily download and install the Megabox HD APK on your Windows or Mac systems and enjoy unlimited HD movies and shows.

What is this tweak, you want to know right?

Well, in order to download the Megabox HD application on Windows and Mac platforms, all that you need is Android emulator software first. So the very first step would be to download any of the best Android emulators that are available.

  1. So, first, download the Android emulator software on your Windows or Mac computer
  2. Launch this emulator and go to download the Megabox HD app from here
  3. After Megabox HD is downloaded using the emulator, install it
  4. Installation takes 1 or 2 minutes, after which you will find the icon of this app on the home page of the emulator
  5. You just need to double-click on the Megabox HD icon to open it
  6. That’s it. You can now watch movies and shows on your computer too.

The downloading process of the latest Megabox HD app for PC is quite straightforward as you can see now.

However, before you start the downloading, make sure to read the system requirements first. This is to ensure that your computer is compatible with the software that you are about to download. If your computer meets all the system requirements, then you will undoubtedly enjoy a grand and seamless movie watching experience on your computer. There will be no lags in streaming or errors interrupting you while you watch your favourite shows and films. The latest version of this Megabox HD application is available for Windows versions 10/8.1/8/7  as well as Mac systems.

Frequently Asked Questions on Megabox HD APK

Here are some very commonly asked questions related to few user scenarios. If you ever come across such situations while downloading or using the Megabox HD application on your mobile device or computer, you can find a possible solution from here.

Read on to know more.

  1. While running the Megabox HD app, there is an error saying “No connection”. Clicking on the “Retry” button also does not help. What do you do to solve it?

A:            In order to run the latest Megabox HD software, you are going to need a stable and strong internet connection. Internet connections with very low speeds or feeble connectivity that keeps fluctuating will generate errors like this. To fix this problem, check your Internet connection and speed. Check the Wi-Fi modem and the cables to make sure that those are sorted.

Q:           Why does it say “Cannot Download” or “Not Working” when the download button is it and clicked multiple times? The internet connection is working fine.

A:            Often the servers of Megabox HD are brought down for their own maintenance works. Now during such maintenance regimes, when the server is down, you will of course not be able to download any video or movie. For this, you need to wait until the servers at their end are up and working again. These outages usually last for few hours and after that, it is again available to users as usual.

Q:           What is the “No Stream” error that keeps on popping up at times? Clicking on the Play button does not help and nothing seems to start the video streaming.

A:            This problem should not occur if you are using the latest version of Megabox HD APK. For all those who are using an outdated version of this video streaming app, this error is commonly encountered. In order to solve this “No Stream” problem and prevent it from appearing again, you must download the latest version of the Megabox HD app.

The servers of this app have been upgraded some time back, and if you use an older version of the software, you will not be able to establish a connection with the upgraded servers. Only the latest version can access the servers of Megabox HD to stream videos.


Although there are many video streaming applications, there are very few that can actually allow you to enjoy a vast collection of HD quality movies and TV shows for unlimited entertainment. The latest version of Megabox HD app has been developed keeping in mind these specific benefits so that you can enjoy watching the latest movies right amidst homely comforts at your own time and leisure.

This article aims to offer you a simplified guide to using the Megabox HD, no matter if you own an iPhone or iPad if you are an Android user or even if you wish to have the experience on your computer. Following the simple steps mentioned here, you can look forward to a whole new experience of streaming videos like never before.