Download Your Favourite YouTube Videos Using The OGYouTube APK

A video-sharing website that was developed in the year 2005, OGYouTube allows a person not only to view videos, but also rate, upload, add, and share videos. YouTube restricts a person from downloading videos. In order to overcome this problem, one can use the OGYoutube application. The main purpose why this app was developed was to enable the users to download videos of different qualities depending upon the requirement of the users. Therefore, all the Android users, who use YouTube to watch videos, can now easily get the OGYouTube Apk Download Latest Version For Android for absolutely free of cost.

Downloading The OGYouTube APK On An Android Device


A feature of the OGYouTube application which deserves notable mention is the background of the application. A user can easily play a video or music in the background while he does some other work like a chat on Facebook or Whatsapp. Not only this, but the application is also not interrupted by advertisements. One doesn’t need to root the application to any device. It can work just as fine in devices which are rooted as well as non rooted. More than 5 million people use the APK version of the application. The minimum Android version required to run the application is 4.1.

What Are The Features Of The Application?

Stated below are some of the common features of the OGYouTube application:

  1. Video Downloader: This is an essential feature of the application. With the help of this application, one can easily download the videos that are available on YouTube and watch them when he is offline.
  2. The app is very easy to use. The interface is quite similar to that of official YouTube. One doesn’t need to have a lot of prior information about the appliances before using it.
  3. With the help of the offscreen mode application, users can listen to the YouTube audios and videos even when they are offline. To be able to use this feature, all one has to do is enable the offscreen model.
  4. The application also has provision for swipe control. This means that one can easily pause, play, or forward the video to YouTube with the help of this feature.
  5. If a person is interested only in the audio, and not the video, then he can download the audio with the help of the OGYouTube APK. All a person has to do is enable the MP3 format, and the audio will be downloaded easily.
  6. This app also enables a person to download more than one video at a time. The downloaded videos will be saved to the phone storage and can later be renamed.

The APK file of OGYouTube is not available on Play Store. One has to download it from an authentic and authorized source. This kind of file doesn’t harm the device in any way. However, users need to enable downloading from “Unknown sources” before installing the application on their device. The modded apk version of the application will be available on your device in no time!

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