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There are a lot of streaming services which are free across the Internet. Although none of those streaming websites or services targets the so-called indie fans like the platform of SnagFilms does. The Snagfilms has thousands of documentaries and indie movies for your streaming. This platform is similar to like the Crackle for film students. The content of the SnagFilm consists of a large number of documentaries along with a vast amount of narrative films. The service will surely give you a bottomless well of the movie content since it contains almost every other obscure indie titles as well as classic films from the era of the 20s to the 60s.

Those card core cinephiles usually roaming around the sites will find and recognize a considerable number of classic hits fro example of Nosferatu, Charade, Night of the Living Dead as well as Animal Farm. Although, the shine of the SnagFilms are brightest when you look beyond the big names. Some of the best movies which you have heard on the SnagFilms are here.

Way to watch SnagFilms

For several years the only way you could have viewed the content of the SnagFilms was from the website of the platform. The site has helped a lot in making the aspect of searching and streaming quite easy. The Roku and the Amazon Fire are two of the biggest streaming platforms on the market. You can also find the SangFilms library on the channel of Youtube. You can also download the SnagFilms app on your Android or Apple devices if you wish to watch movies on the go.

Some of the best movies on SnagFilms

  1. Letters from the Big Man (2011)

There are a lot of movies in the world which are about Sasquatch but in the movie Letters from the Big Man Sasquatch is not a monster. The thoughtful meditation of Christopher Munch on the aspect of loneliness helps us to follow a government scientist through the Oregon wilderness for a stream survey. The story develops from there into a beautiful film filled with soul and stunning photography of nature.

  1. The Atomic Café (1982)

The fear of nuclear wars almost termed the American foreign policy from the ’40s to the ’60s. This shows using the films of America how a generation was motivated by fear. The Atomic Café has resonated the viewers for many decades.

  1. The Corporation (2004)

You can easily forget the horror. In this film, the business has been shown as a monster taking over the lives of the Americans. The documentary shows a detailed picture of the rise of modern capitalism. This film teaches its viewers a very uncomfortable lesson and is made far worse by displaying how the business has become so powerful.

  1. Wrestling with Satan (2009)

You should see the film of Wrestling with Satan where it is about a God praising travelling ministry. The documentary shows everything from setting up of rings to the saving of the souls.

  1. Beware of Mr.Baker (2012)

This is the story of Ginger Baker, who became a rock god along with Cream and Blind Faith behind the drum kit. This is the story of his self-driving instincts which can set fire to his legacy.


 This is a very compelling streaming site. You can check it out for a lot of famous films.

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