Popcorn Time App Download for Android, iOS and Windows Users

Does the movie file take years to download? Are you too lazy to go to the torrent site and download the movie that you want to watch tonight? Well, now you can stop visiting torrent sites and watch them directly on their phone without downloading. Yes, you read it right, no mulling over slow download speeds or no seeds! With popcorn time, you can directly stream the videos on your phone or tablet!

Popcorn time is an app that is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The app lets you stream videos for free. You can watch movies and series free of cost. No need to pay monthly subscription bills for Netflix and Amazon.

The Interface and the Design:


The little app has everything neatly categorized into sections for you to find them easily. The newly launched released section has all the latest titles that have been released in the theatres or blue ray. There is a popular section which indexes all-time popular movies and series like friends and Mission impossible.

The design is very user-friendly. You can use the search section to find anything that you cannot find in the app. Please note that although you can find the latest movies on the app, the video quality may be poor for those movies. Other films that have been released a year or two back can be streamed in high quality. So please do not assume that all video qualities are bad, it depends on the release date of the movie.

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The icon of the app also deserved a special mention. You cannot deny that the icon is super creative and quirky with that happy popcorn emoji. The icon tells you that you are going to have a great time once you get this app on your phone!

How can the App provide the titles for free?

Just like you could get your favourite Avengers movie from torrent, popcorn time works much the same you. It allows you to stream movies and series on the P2P network. It directly connects to the torrent files and lets you stream the video.

Although you can stream as many titles as you want, you cannot download them; neither can you share the video with someone else. If you want those functions, you need to look somewhere else.

The app does not require you to sign up or anything. You can download the app from the dedicated app Store of your OS and start streaming.

Video Buffering and ads:

Since it is a free app, the developers need to make money somehow to keep the app running, and hence the videos may contain ads, but they are not intrusive like some other streaming apps like this. The ads mostly come before the video starts playing, and you can skip most of them.

You need a stable internet connection to play the videos. As already mentioned, the videos are of high quality; hence, they need a strong internet connection; otherwise you will experience buffering. You are advised not to use your mobile data when using this app, as it will cause buffering.

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