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In today’s modern and technologically driven world, the computer and mobile games are one of the most popular inventions in place. Its makers understand the craze that people have for these android games. And that is why they are continuously in a process to develop more gaming applications with exciting features and offer them to people around the globe.

There is a vast list of choices available to all computer gaming lovers worldwide. They can start by simply downloading it via the internet or signing it up with few details on its gaming websites. But to enjoy these amazing gaming applications for a longer period, the players need to cope up with all timely upgrades.

There are many online platforms available like AndroidHackers.net, which help players with all time to time updates. Another most interesting fact about this website is that it also offers players with many hacked versions and Mods for popular games.

The amazingness of this particular website does not end up here, so let’s get into details to find out more.

AndroidHackers– How it works:

It is one of the most famous sites, which is currently known as a one-stop-shop for all interesting and exclusively available gaming apps. The huge base of players around the world, get access to latest android gaming technologies like:-

  • Exciting gameplays like PUBG, FIFA themed games, Asphalt 9 and many more.
  • Free gaming hacks cheat codes and MODs like unlimited coins, money, tickets, etc.
  • And many other interesting simulations gameplays and tools.

These offerings by AndroidHackers help players to upgrade their game playing levels to score up on more points and winning of exciting rewards and many more. And with these, players can also master upon these unique but difficult gameplay tricks and get their names shinning on each of its leaderboards.

Some top unique gaming applications by AndroidHackersare as follows:

This website AndroidHackers.net is already popular in this entire android gaming fraternity. One of the main reasons behind this is that it provides all gaming lovers with vast choices that they can choose from there three separate categories of offerings like:

  1. Applications
  2. Games
  3. MODs

Each of these three categories further holds an extensive platter of android games. So, let’s look upon what all they have to offer:-

Applications – Top 9 categories to choose from


Here, under this sphere of gaming applications, players can find gaming applications that deal in the live making of architectural designs, measuring distances, surfaces, tools to draw out plans and many others.

Communication –

Under this AndroidHackers offers their players with some amazing applications, which work for tracing out private number calls, saving all Whatsapp attachments, videos, pictures and more. Some of them also offer free text messaging, voice and video calls along with up-to-date GPS navigations.


In this particular sphere, it offers players with apps through which they can enjoy upon best quality anime series, free movies, watch Netflix premium series and more.

Media & Video

Here, players can have many photos or video shooting and editing mobile apps, and use some amazing special effect tools for photo corrections and workflows.

Music & Audio

Players can enjoy applications where they can enjoy listening to favorite songs, learn guitar lessons, and more. They can also download some creation system apps, and produce their music or audio albums with some great in-built features like pre-made loops, pre-made MIDI keyboards, and diverse instrumental effects.


Under this category, players can find some fantastic live wallpaper applications with features like 3D animation, 3D screensavers for mobiles, PCs, laptops, and others.


Here, one can get their hands upon some great android applications which work as free game boosters, increasing 2X speed of other games. Some of them also help in enhancing the overall performance of several monitors or devices.


The ones who all love to play sport gameplays; here this website can be their expanded market area for such gaming apps. These apps also offer them to win over gold coins, medals and many more.


These are one of the unique offerings by this AndroidHackers website. Here, these players can get to download tools for optimizing music albums, video editing and more. They can also have some video and MP3 converter tool-type applications.

Each of these above mentioned top 9 categories has a vast line of excellent gaming applications that, players can download for free from this particular website AndroidHackers.

Games – Its 13 significant types

This website offers its players with these 13 major types of gaming applications, from where players can easily choose as per their game playing taste and preferences.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Cards
  • Casual
  • Educational
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Roleplaying
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy

AndroidHackers.net is one of the leading websites with all new and next-gen android gaming applications. It has all the popular games streaming in its platform. Players from all over the globe can download their favorite ones and have a great game playing experiences further.

MODs – Enjoy unlimited gameplay benefits

Now, this is a category here, which holds some excellent unlimited offerings for each of the player’s favorite gameplay in the store of AndroidHackers. Some of the best mods apk are listed down below:

  • Pocket Waifu MOD APK – With unlimited coins.
  • Jet Car Stunts 2 MOD APK –Unlock all 120 levels.
  • Mazes & more MOD AOK – Unlock all levels in this gameplay.
  • Zombie Tsunami MOD APK – With both unlimited coins and diamonds.
  • Dragon Crystal: Arena Online MOD APK – With unlimited diamonds.
  • Idle Hero Defense MOD APK – With unlimited everything.
  • Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow MOD APK – Unlimited coins.
  • Just Shout MOD APK – With unlimited money and diamonds.
  • Idle Factory Tycoon MOD APK – Unlimited money super cash.
  • Real cricket 19 MOD APK – With unlimited coins and tickets.

This particular website of AndroidHackers.net has all these super amazing android gaming applications, their hacks, MODs, and many more. So, players around the world can give it a thought and visit it once to know more and have some great gameplay downloads.

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