How Utopia P2P Ecosystem Guarantees Online Privacy?

We sure you read many times that the Internet in 2019 is a vast data warehouse. Dedicated companies legally sell sensitive information, passcodes, digital footprints to take advantage of your identity. Giant databases include your medical reports, billing info, address, and extra private data. This online state of things often leads to physical harm in real life. But we uncover the rescue forthwith – meet Utopia P2P ecosystem!

Utopia P2P ecosystem: a detailed tool’s review

Utopia is an environment based on blockchain that employs complex encryption. The platform includes apps you use daily: uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll Browser, and the Mining Bot. All the actions you commit online are secured and anonymous. What are the Utopia’s strong points?

  • Exceptional encryption. Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES are high-level technologies that guarantee security by protecting the storage and all operations. Surely only a sender and a receiver can decrypt the data.
  • The elimination of a central server excludes the risk that sided companies intrude on the data. The content users transfer won’t be compromised or hacked.
  • Utopia doesn’t require that users mention their phone number, name, email, and other sensitive data. Instead of nicknames, they are indicated by a digital private key; it works like a QR-code.
  • You will get money or domestic coins Cryptons for merely using the ecosystem. We will uncover how further in this article.

All these principles assure high-level privacy across all Utopia tools. What tools are here to go?  

uMessenger. The integral messenger is superior to widely-used messaging apps like Telegram, Viber, etc. It encrypts group chats regardless of the number of members. Secure file-sharing and free discussions are suitable for a working environment and personal interactions. Blogging is getting smooth and unbiased thanks to encrypted read-only chats.

Funny stickers, games, and in-built image viewer make chatting engaging – try to ensure!

uMail. The domestic mailbox allows transmitting encrypted emails and files across Utopia. You can only mail to authorized members. The essential feature is the Hybrid Mode. Enable it to handle chat, mailbox, contact list, and wallet on one desktop. It fast-tracks communication incredibly!

Idyll browser. The aim of Idyll is that users can view sites hosted on Utopia securely. The browser never handles metafiles or analyzes the history of search. It loads pages in a flash!

uWallet is a financial tool that secures internal transactions. Firstly, users can design a crypto card with a personal design. Secondly, the wallet allows transferring coins within Utopia and purchase in crypto. Switch to the merchant interface if your goal is to sell in crypto.

Do you remember, you can get CRPs for free? We reveal how!

Mining bot is the tool users activate to get coins. Every minute you spend online replenishes your wallet balance. No boundaries – run as many devices as you have!

Keep a high level of safety and get paid for it – install Utopia on your device!

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