Here’s Why Local SEO Matters For Your Small Business!


Formulating a digital strategy for your brand may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task, and to be fair, the doubts are not unfounded either. From Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click, to social media marketing, email marketing, and retargeting, there are endless aspects to take note. Each of the components of online marketing does matter at some point, but if you want to try the basics for your small company, just search engine marketing, local SEO and social media should be enough.

In this post, let’s discuss some of the basic aspects related to local SEO Singapore.

Does my company really need local SEO?

We are doing SEO already – why should we spend on local SEO anyway? That’s a question that many brands have in mind, and it’s a just one. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is all about organic promotions. You are basically making an effective website and engaging in practices that search engines will consider valuable, and as a result, you are expecting to find a place in search results. Getting place on top of Google searches not only brings quality traffic, but it also adds considerable value to your brand. Local SEO adds a few more advantages that you probably cannot expect from generic SEO alone. Here are some of the advantages-

  1. Become a local brand. If you are selling goods and products around a specific region, you have to find a way to push sales and conversions, and that’s all local SEO is all about. With local SEO, you will be targeting specific location-based keywords, and that will help in finding a better place in search results for local keywords.
  2. Tackle competition better. You have to understand that you cannot compete with the large corporate firms and big brands, because they have the budget and resources at disposal. There is a better chance of ranking well in search results, if you go for local SEO and keywords. The idea is to be visible to your audience.
  3. Enhance your online authority. Even with local SEO, you are going to gain traffic, and that kind of establishes online presence, dominance and authority. Of course, the results depend largely on the efforts, but you can expect to get genuine returns from your investment on local SEO.

Hiring an SEO Agency

For local SEO, you need an agency that understands your market and audience. We strongly recommend that you select a company that’s based in your region and as done local SEO for brands that have a similar profile as yours. Do not select an offshore company if you really wish to reap the advantages that local SEO has to offer. Secondly, check if the concerned agency is experienced and the time they have been in the industry. Check their clientele, ask for references, and insist on getting an SEO audit done. Website audits are offered for free by most SEO services, and that’s a great way to evaluate where your brand stands in terms of both generic and local SEO.

Following the Trends:

For local SEO, you have to ensure that your website is updated for contact information. Secondly, the right keywords must be targeted and optimized for, and you have to generate content that will matter for your audience. The best SEO agencies will do everything to ensure online presence, right from claiming listings to effective use of social media. You can expect to get genuine support on content creation, and at some point, when you have the desire and budget, you can introduce paid marketing in the mix, as well.

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