Can a reliable hosting be a factor for website’s traffic growth?

We know that a website needs a reliable hosting to run and make it live for the users of any particular site. It depends upon the website owner and the hosting they’ll choose for their website. Today one of our users asked a question on our website, and the question is “Can a reliable hosting be a factor for website traffic’s growth?” There is a simple answer to this question, and the answer is “Yes”. 

We do know that most of the users do not know about web hosting yet. There are also some group of people who do know about the hosting but do not know about the exact reason for the web hosting importance for website owners and the users of any particular website. I am glad to know that there are still some people left who asks the legit questions. However, the answer to the above question is already added, but I do think I need to explain the statement. 

Can a reliable hosting be a factor for website traffic’s growth? 

I will be making this section long. The answer to the question is “Yes”. Web hosting was always a factor for the traffic growth of any particular website. Let me tell you the reason why it is? 

Let’s take an example of a website receiving 100 visitors a day, and he is using free hosting for serving those users. Now, there is the main thing if the person using any free hosting provider, then it is evident that the speed of the website will be slow. (It is because of the load to the systems, and if two or more people visits the site at the same time then the chances of getting down are high). 

If the speed of any website is slow then again no user would like to stay on your website. It doesn’t matter how good stuff you have added in your website. The thing that matters is speed. If the user found it difficult to open and use the site, then It is evident the user will not stay. 

Which indirectly affect the bounce rate of the website. If the bounce rate is increased, then it will affect the search engine rankings. Less the rankings and less the traffic.  

On the other side, if you are using any right hosting provider for your website like there are plenty of sites with reviews about top hosting providers. If you are choosing any hosting from them, then there are fewer chances that the user will leave your website. A right hosting provider not only handles the traffic but also it ensures the proper working of your website inclusions of support. One of the good examples is Hostinger, you can read reviews about it here. Choosing the right hosting provider may be costly for some of the new peoples, but it is all worth it to avoid any future problems. 

This is the exact reason that how a Reliable hosting can be a factor for website traffic growths. Let me add some value by adding some other factors as well. 

4 Reasons Your web hosting affect your website traffic 

We already have the example of one reason which affects your website traffic. Let’s check out the other four reasons how web hosting can affect your website traffic. 

#1 Uptime: 

We know how important it is for the website owner to keep their website active 24/7. In this case, uptime is mattered the most from any web hosting provider. It is like for every minute if the sites go down, you’ll be losing the new user. 

According to the recent study, most of the business has dropped in their sales due to downtime issue. It is essential to understand not only for big websites for the small-scaled as well. 

Therefore, It is essential to check out for the uptime of any web hosting and the reviews over the internet. Otherwise, this can be the reason for decreasing visitors to your website. 

#2 Support: 

The second thing which affects website traffic growth is support. We do not know about any errors or downtime we face on our website. It is vital to get a perfect support system from the hosting providers. So, if there is any case of downtime or error on the site, support will help us to recover. 

Getting a web hosting with no good support overall may result in hours of downtime if you are not expert in solving problems related to developing. 

#3 Security: 

Attackers are everywhere, and every day they look for the new vulnerable website to hack. It is essential to choose a web hosting provider who doesn’t lack the security level of your website. Lacks in security will result in loss of data and the downtime for website visitors as well. 

It will indirectly affect the traffic to your website. As these kinds of issues are mostly hard to identify and only an excellent hosting provider support or any professional developer make it fix. 

#4 Scalability: 

The final reason we have chosen is scalability. It doesn’t matter how big a business website you are running. You will always choose the plan which suits your budget and the resources which suit your site. We often have seen the error of error establishing a database connection in some of the online stores and websites. It is because the website already consumes most of the website resources, and it is the time to upgrade your plan for seamless usage. 

Must you be thinking? How can it the reason for traffic loss? It is because if the website shows an error, then it is evident the users will face the same issue. It is always recommended to choose a perfect web hosting provider to ensure that there is no such issue.


You have asked us the question, and we have given the legit answer. Again, a big Yes to your question and yes a reliable hosting is a factor for website traffic growth. You will find all the reasons why it is an essential factor in this article.

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