Benefits of Word Counter Software for your Contents

Whether you are a content creator or a writer, you must keep the word count in mind. The length of the piece has the power to keep your readers engaged. An article must have a beginning, a core body, and an equally exciting end. If you fail to accomplish these three aspects, the content’s value will go down. Apart from the word selection and the writing style, one must pay attention to the word count. No one wants to read a piece that drags on unnecessarily. So, keep a word count limit in mind while concocting the idea.

Online Word Count Tools:

Not many pen down their thoughts on paper. They use a laptop and software for the same. If your software does not highlight the exact word count, then do not worry. You can search online for free virtual word count totaling tools. Once you copy-paste the content in the respective section, the tool can highlight the exact number of words you have typed. Once you receive the information, you can increase or decrease the word count accordingly.

Are These Online Tools Free?

You can download free versions of online word count calculating software from the internet. However, some also have premium versions of the same tool that offers additional facilities. You can gain access to such a virtual tool by clicking on the link This tool not only counts the number of words but also calculates the unique words. Additionally, you can gather information about the readability factor.

Why Academic Papers Have a Word Limit?

Word count is also essential in academic papers. Most professors require that the written outputs that you are going to pass should contain a certain number of words, say between 2,500 to 3,000 words. This sometimes causes stress to students, especially those who find writing a challenge. In many cases, others would worry more about the length of the academic paper than the content itself.

But why set word limits? There are varied reasons why academic papers come with a limit in terms of the number of words. One of which is to gauge how well your communication skills are given the set of amount of words to do. By continuously practicing writing while employing word count, you unconsciously develop your writing and communication skills without a doubt.

Another apparent reason why a word count is necessary for academic papers is for fairness. Limiting an academic paper into a set of words would put the different documents passed on the same scale. Also, the professor will not find it difficult to check your papers.

In addition to this, you should note that academic papers are straightforward. They do not go around the bush. By counting the number of your words, you ensure that you go straight to the point. This would make your paper concise yet substantial, as any academic paper would.

For academic papers with abstracts, a 125-word paragraph would already suffice. Going overboard would only bore the research readers in reading such abstract.

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