Education Determines the Success of a Person

Education is the method of providing learning, knowledge, skills and habits. There are many types of teaching like storytelling, discussion and training etc. The method of teaching is called pedagogy. Education takes place with the assistance of educators, but some people learn on their own. To do this there are many institutions. Kerala University is an institution which provides students with multiple courses. They have courses in almost all the fields for under graduation and post graduation. Kerala University admission is based on entrance tests like KEAM, NATA and many more.

University of Kerala basically focuses on students to become entrepreneurs instead of job seekers and to be known worldwide for the quality and its graduates in various fields. They even want its students to be known internationally in all fields.  Therefore this is a good institution to study at, since the college is working towards the development of students and pave a path for their future.


Kerala University Admission:

  • Tech and B. Arch is based on the scores in KEAM conducted by CEE.
  • For B.Arch, even NATA scores are applicable.
  • Most of the courses offered at the undergraduate level are merit based. Candidates will be selected on the basis of 10th and 12th grade marks.
  • There is an entrance test for all the post graduate levels followed by an interview.
  • GATE scores are considered for M.Tech.
  • For MBA, candidates are selected according to the scores in KMAT, CAT or CMAT and a group discussion and personal interview.
  • The university conducts an entrance test for Ph.D and M.Phil

Thus, there are certain criteria to be fulfilled in all fields of selection. Once the selections are complete and the student is admitted to the college, the college provides everything to bring up the success in all the students.

Need for Education:

Education is important for every living soul. A person without education is equal to a building with no foundation. Education helps people learn, gain knowledge and so on and the levels of education determines the level of success of people, since people with more knowledge are more creative and they get good jobs or have good ideas to run a business. Education must start as a child where it can be at home, just to learn how to eat or stay clean and it has to continue throughout our lives.


There are many reasons why we need education. One of the main reasons is that, through education one can learn how to be alert and can be aware of the things that could effect us. It is a necessity for all human beings to know and plan for the future and be ready to face any problems. Moreover there are different fields of education where a person can pave their path in a particular field of specialization.
Example: Engineers, doctors, civil officers and many more.

If there was nothing called education, then the world would be in chaos. There would be no existence and humans would behave similar to animals. Therefore literacy and education is the first important criteria for every human being, then every other thing follows.



In the present generation, education is very important as there are thousands of things around that has modern technology. We need education to understand and learn how to use this modern technology or gadgets and get the best out of it all. Education teaches us how to treat and respect other humans. Education has helped every country prepare laws, rules and regulations and is communicated with people what is right and what all should be avoided.

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