5 Email Drip Campaign Ideas That Drive Conversions

An email drip campaign is the best and effective way to guide the current customers and sales prospects through the logical sales funnel and the well-thought way to yield the best result in conversations. Drip emails become a successful tool with enticing features like nurturing relationships, encouraging actions, building interest with the product and every professional should know at least the basic 5 email drip campaign ideas that drive conversions as this is their main goal.

Drip campaigns can also be referred to as lifecycle emails, automated emails, and trigger emails. By default, all the campaign segments are triggered through customer actions like email opens, and link clicks.

A trigger within a campaign is an action performed over the received email that defined the next step in an email drip campaign. It is time-related and it automates email sending. Once the trigger action is taken, the follow-up is sent out; or vice versa: if the pre-defined action wasn’t performed, a follow-up of another content is sent.

The ideas about email drip campaigns can be utilized in various ways to achieve marketing goals. Let’s take a look at some email drip campaigns that drive conversions to the next level.

Continuous Testing:

This is the most common word you might have heard multiple times. Testing is the right thing to be used when you need to find out what works best, this or that landing page, this or that CTA, this or that email template.

You can perform the same sort of methodology with email drip campaigns as well. You need to slightly customize the same email (like changing the email topic or the subject line) with two different variations and forward them to different groups of recipients. Analyzing the email campaigns’ performance, you will see how many customers opened the email messages and this data will help you design better future campaigns.

Educate Subscribers:

The drip emails do not occur in the vacuum. I suggest you traffic funneling within the channels and design the maximum engagement. Even the new product launch can be included in the drip campaigns. For example, you can share the newly published blog post via drip emails, advertise updates, or what is of greater importance share educational emails to teach subscribers to use your platform or service, etc.

Share Awesome Content:

The subscribers can enjoy the awesome content, amazing research web links, blog posts that are roundup within the industry, and share infographics. Roundup emails can be used to publish other content with respect to their contributions.

Your prospects can become more grateful when they get awesome content. The reciprocity of your business can be used with the email drip campaigns. You can provide the best awesome content for the customers to later nurture them and drive to purchase your products.

Promote a Free Trial:

Your advantage can be used as urgency with a perfect opportunity to offer with email drip campaigns. You can use email drip campaigns to promote products or services to the leads. Especially they can play into your hands if you offer a free trial or a freemium.

Believe me, there’s hardly anyone who will pass by a free tool. Use an attractive or impressive word to make the customers try the free trial offer.

Nurture Leads:

Please do not compare your marketing techniques similar to television commercials. This happens like you pull out the phone when you are watching the break ads coming in-between of the favorite TV show. Instead of branding the product, please nurture your leads with some awesome content.

Please ensure to answer the frequently asked questions within your drip campaigns. Think of how you can promote the product without selling: what advantages has the product got compared to your competitors? But be honest with people and do not tell lies to them. Avoid talking about disadvantages or at least try to turn them into benefits.


As you can see, drip emails can be used for various purposes and you will benefit in any case. You can drive sales and promotion funnel, nurture leads and educate them, etc. How great is that? Just find the right tool and let it do everything on itself.

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