What To Do If You Failed The LCSW Exam

For individuals who are aspiring licensed clinical social workers, the LCSW exam has to be taken along with other requirements that have to be fulfilled. Due to the competitive nature of this profession, the exam tends to be a bit challenging. Assuming that you’ve taken your exam, but you failed, what do you do next? We’ve compiled a few tips that would increase your chances of passing the exam the second time.

Understand how the test is drawn up.


The mere fact that you are academically accomplished does not guarantee your chances of passing this test. One thing that you have to understand is that the test is constantly updated, so you have to have as many resources of knowledge as possible in order to always be prepared. If you’re not sure if you’re taking the right approach, try finding an LCSW tutor. This way you can get a better understanding of what you’ll face on the test.

The test focuses largely on the practical components of the profession. While it is important to have studied for the test, you should make sure to gain some knowledge on the practical side. This can be achieved by observing what entry-level clinical social workers do daily.

Adopting a new study method

Perhaps the reason you failed the test is that your current study method is ineffective. To start, take a look at the areas of the test where you struggle the most and spend a good amount of time improving in that specific area. One common mistake of test-takers is to cram as much knowledge as possible; this only causes you to get blindsided on the day. Instead, rather focus on the important aspects such as knowledge of the basic tasks and processes undertaken by a clinical social worker.

When studying, try to think critically. Develop a skill that will give you the ability to apply your knowledge to real-life situations. This will be extremely helpful, as you will often be required to solve problems critically, swiftly and accurately.

Also, you should familiarize yourself with key social worker terminologies such as transference, indicators, and mutuality. Identifying and knowing the terms used in clinics and your area of the profession should become second nature, as this will increase your chances of passing the exam.

Do not be down on yourself.

Once you fail the test, whether the first or the second time, It is perfectly normal to feel a sense of stress and edginess. However, you definitely must get over it, because it will lead to anxiety, which in turn will have a troll on your physical and mental health, and once that happens, it will be even more challenging to pass the test. After you’ve failed the test, accept the outcome, take some time off to clear your mind, and then start to work on a new strategy to have a better chance of success. The LCSW exam can be retaken, so you do not have to worry about not being allowed to rewrite. Should you fail the test, you are required to wait to retake the test for at least 90 days. This gives you plenty of time to rest and adopt a new strategy to pass the test.

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