Learning the difference of mATX Cases

Are you looking for the best Micro-ATX case for your computer? You have plenty of options to choose from these days. Some of the best Matx cases combine the performance of a stellar gaming PC with the small design of a Mini-ITX rig to provide you with a tricked-out system. It’s also packed with plenty of features and performance that will have you beating your opponents.

1. Cooler Master MasterBox Lite mATX Case

This is one of the best cases in the line. If you want something that’s attractive, then this is the computer case for you. Its transparent design allows you to see through the tower. It’s one of the best cases since it’s so affordable, yet it’s packed with features.

It provides air and liquid cooling support and offers motherboard support for the Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. Other features include three drive bays, four expansion slots, and a loaded I/O panel.

2. Thermaltake Versa H17 Mini Gaming Tower

This is one of the sleekest computer towers on this list. Its sexy aluminum design will dress up any computer. But don’t be fooled by this gaming tower since it contains plenty of power inside. Installation is easier than ever since it can be done without tools.

It’s one of the best cases for beginner PC builders and gamers. This design is powered by four drive bays and a 120mm fan that’s suitable for a wide variety of games. It also supports air and liquid cooling as well as the Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboard support.

3. NZXT H400i Micro-ATX PC Gaming Case

This gaming case takes it to the next level with its prismatic RGB lighting. This brand is known for its impressive gaming equipment, and the H4001 Micro-ATX PC Gaming Case is no different. But it’s not all about looks. It comes loaded with features such as internal hardware and stellar fan control options.

Other features include five drive bays and four expansion slots. This gaming case supports air cooling and motherboard support for the Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. In addition, this unit has three Aer F120mm fans and a USB 3.1 I/O panel that provides superior cooling and lightning speeds.

4. Rosewill System Cabinet Case FMB-01

This is one of the best computer cases for small PCs. It’s become one of the best Micro-ATX cases due to its durability and steel form. It also comes loaded with other features such as bays, expansions slots, and a design that looks best with some of the best AMD and Intel computer systems. It also has an I/O panel that features a glossy and sleek black exterior. For around $20, it’s one of the most affordable and stylish cases on the market.

5. InWin 301 Tempered Glass Case

If you want to show off your PC, then the InWin 301 tempered glass case is the one for you. It provides air and liquid cooling, and it comes with motherboard support for Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. It also features three drive bays and four expansion slots. This case is elegantly designed with a steel side panel and glass construction. It’s one of the easiest cases to install, and it’s the perfect Micro-ATX case for beginners and novices.

6. AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower Case

This case already looks appealing with its rainbow design. It’s one of the sleekest and slim cases that you’ll ever find. It has the perfect balance of style and performance. It supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. It also supports air and liquid cooling. In addition to these features, you’ll receive four drive bays, seven expansion slots, and an I/O panel with USB connectors.

7. Cooler Master MasterBox 5 White Computer Case

Looking for something different? This MasterBox 5 White Case is as beautiful as they come. This case features glass sides and an all-white metal frame that combines performance with style. It also provides support for graphics cards, HDDs, and SSDs up to 410mm. It also comes with three drive bays and seven expansion slots. Other notable features include air and liquid cooling support and a clean cable system that provides the ultimate in ergonomics.

As you can see, Micro-ATX cases range in a variety of designs, features, and styles. It’s important to consider which features matter the most to you. Are you interested in cooling and expansion? Or, are you looking for portability? Once you have these factors in mind, you can come up with a budget.

With that said, a higher price tag doesn’t always mean that it’s better. Some of the options on this list are quite affordable. This proves that you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a superior computer case for your gaming system. Even in the affordable line, there are some incredible options. If you’re on the market for a new Micro-ATX case and have a budget in mind, then there may be something for you in the list above.

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