How to Record Different Types of Online Streaming Audio

Online streaming audio has grown in popularity over the years and nowadays music, podcasts, radio programs, and other content can be found quite easily. However in many cases it is not easy to actually download the audio file – unless there is a link provided.

If you want to record different types of online streaming audio, there are several options that you could use:

  • Video downloader websites

Essentially video downloader websites are services that will allow you to download videos by copying and pasting their URL. Some have the option that will let you save online streaming audio through similar means as well.

The downside of this option is that most of these services are designed for downloading videos and so they tend to cater to video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. In short it may take time to find one that supports the audio platform you need.

On top of that these websites often don’t cater to internet radio, and are unable to download online streaming audio from within apps.

  • Internet radio recorders

Due to the popularity of internet radio, there are specialized internet radio recorders that you can use. In most cases it is as easy as selecting the radio channel that you want to save and then pressing a button.

The effectiveness of this option will vary depending on the recorder that you choose to use. Some offer a very limited range of channels and limit the number of programs that you can save too. However others are not as limited, and will let you add more channels if you want to.

  • Screen or audio recorders

Screen recorders are basically designed to record video from your screen along with audio from your system – and as such will let you capture and save online streaming audio. Audio recorders work the same way, but are limited to audio-only.

Either option will work if you want to record and save online streaming audio however. Unlike the other options they will record any audio that is playing on your computer, and as such are able to save online streaming audio of any kind – including from within apps.

All in all this is the most versatile option available, and it should be noted that you can just as easily use it to record and save online streaming video as well.

If you want to try a capable online audio recorder you should give Movavi Screen Recorder a shot. As a screen recorder it is designed to capture video, but can quickly be set up to record online audio streams. After you’re done you can even trim your recording and then save it in the audio format that you prefer. Keep in mind that despite the analog hole, it is best not to download copyright audio. As a rule you should also make sure that you don’t distribute any audio that you to download – as that may have other legal implications as well.

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