Click Bank University Affiliates Reviews in 2018

Clickbank is one famous platform for selling digital products. The Clickbank training program that is offered by Clickbank and teaches to sell the products on this platform. People are highly confused to know whether Clickbank is the platform to sell only products on the Clickbank platform or can also be used all over as marketing course online. You can make good money through Click Bank platform. Continue reading to know all perks about the program.

clickbank for beginners

Looking for Best Course to Begin Business Online in Your Desired Niche? Suppose you are the affiliate marketer, probably you have heard of ClickBank earlier. In order, to make it very clear for people who do not know, Clickbank course is provided by the Clickbank and not other third parties. ClickBank was released recently and you must be thinking what it is all about. ClickBank is the biggest affiliate marketplaces to promote and sell digital products. With ClickBank, you’re taught on how to create & sell the products on this platform. Thus, what does the ClickBank really offer, or is this price worth? Suppose you are wondering about this program and reading ClickBank reviews online here is everything that you have to know.

Is ClickBank program a Scam?

The first question that many people wonder is if something is the scam or not. But ClickBank 2.0 is not a scam. Actually, there is some decent training program offered—that can help you in the affiliate marketing attempts. But, there are a few things to know when you are assessing if ClickBank 2.0 course is correct for you. Additionally, part from hefty monthly price, there are the up-sells. Upsells are not always very bad, but when it is above $500 worth of the upsells it is simple to be turned off by the program and there’re other mandatory expenses to run the ads & having your website. This program offers solid training, however, it is limited and the price tag is quite high. Suppose you are looking to create & sell digital products at Clickbank this can be the good option as it is offered straight by the Clickbank, however if you are looking for the best program to learn the affiliate marketing there’s a better alternative, which covers all aspects of the affiliate marketing as well as the best method to earn money on internet.

In order, to get an access to the ClickBank program, it can cost you around $47 per month. Below $50 per month probably appears very feasible, but remember that it adds up very fast. The yearly membership can run you around $564 and that is before taking into account any of the advertising spendings you do & you require your domain registered. There is also the up-sell that the ClickBank tries and push on you named ClickBank Builder. This comes with the hefty price tag of$594. Definitely, you may pay for this in 2 installments to lessen this upfront cost, however, it is still very expensive.

Problem is supposed you invest in the program at first you will need to buy the up-sell as it uncovers more training within this program or you can hit the major roadblock or need to check out everything on own.

Pros and Cons


  • 30 day money back assurance is provided in case you aren’t satisfied
  • You get an access to the decent training videos
  • ClickBank is the reputable program for the affiliate marketers


  • This training is geared towards vendors and not the affiliate marketers
  • No longer free trial offered
  • Training videos aren’t all available at once, and ClickBank can release this after some time just to ensure you do not skip the steps
  • ClickBank Builder is upsold that is very expensive
  • You learn about the paid traffic with a focus on Facebook & Instagram so you will not learn anything about SEO, organic traffic and content marketing
  • Weekly Webinars are big selling feature and offer little value

Final Thoughts

ClickBank isn’t the best fit for the beginners to affiliate marketing scene. It is simple to get overwhelmed with the information that is why it is good to have a little experience. But, if you have the website and traffic, you may start earning money by using the ClickBank platform.

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