5 Superb Ways to Make Money Online

Apart from your job, you can make money online. It is important to note that you should have a side hustle so that if you wake up one day and finds a letter on your desk reading that you have been sacked, you don’t worry. You have your side hustles which no one can suck you. You are your own boss. Tons of people, probably who are not happy with their jobs are shifting to start making money online. Those who have never been employed, with or without academic papers are loving it with making money online.

There are many ways in which you can make money online. This doesn’t need tons od dollars to start, it only requires a laptop and strong internet connection to get started. Once you have the following, you are free to begin with any of the following to begin making money online.

1)   Begin a Blog

This is the common way of making money online. Most people often ask the question, “How do you make money from your blog?” There are very many ways in which you can earn money online. You just need to identify what best you can do and get started. When you are one who loves writing about sports, then that becomes your niche. Note that it is easier to write on something that you best understand and have passion on.

When already you have your niche, you can start making money from your blog. There are many ways you can earn from your blog. Below are examples.

  • You can opt ton sell your blog site once you have many followers and social shares
  • You can sell eBooks based on your niche
  • You can sell your services such as web designing
  • You can advertise and earn
  • You can try out affiliate marketing and many more

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The above ways are proven. When you have an awesome website fully hosted with a proper domain, you can surely make good cash online.

2)   Freelancer Jobs

The world has changed. Perhaps in future there will be no more physical employment. Jobs will be done online and get paid online. Nearly all jobs can be done online. You can teach or tutor online, you can be hired as a virtual assistant, you can get hired as an expert in a field such as engineering, medicine, procurement et cetera.

There are many sites where you can find such jobs. There are sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer among others. In Upwork, you register either as a client and post any job that you want done. Likewise, freelancers can bid for the jobs posted and the best bidders get hired. This is the same in Guru and Freelancer. In Fiverr, things are a little bit different. In Fiverr, you don’t bid. You create your gig and clients who need your services will hire you.

In the above sites, you can be a writer. You can choose if you will be an academic writer, technical writer, creative writer, guest post writer, web content writer, content writer, ghost writer or a copy writer. These jobs are high – paying and if you are a good writer, you will make tons of dollars from them. Experts earn up to $200 per 500 – word article. Why not you?

3)   Earn from PTC Sites

Some trusted PTC sites pay fairly well. On the contrary, some pay low or don’t pay at all. Some are scammers and will tell you to invest. Note that no PTC site should ask for payment and if there is any asking you to pay, that is possibly a scam.

What you will be tasked to do is to click an ad an ad and you view those ads for like 10 to 30 seconds and you get paid.

There are companies or sites that pay when you click the ads and view them. Because there are many scammers all over the internet, you need to know the legitimate sites that will get you paid for viewing their advertisements. Below are the legitimate sites that pay when you view their ads.

  • ClixSense
  • NeoBux
  • RebelPrize
  • Paidverts

If you need to earn more money from these sites, you can do the following:

  • You can view the ads daily without missing
  • Refer your friends and relatives so that when they click, you get a bonus
  • You can opt for a premium membership

4)   YouTube

YouTube is attracting tons of people daily. If you have some knowledge about something, you can earn some cash. For instance, if you know some tricks to draft Upwork proposals, you can share with people through videos. When people subscribe, you can join the partner program for YouTube. People will view your videos and you get paid.

5)   Sell Online

There are tons of people earning by selling their stuff online. You can sell your service or product. Build a brand and people will buy. For example, you can write eBooks and sell them at Amazon. You can also opt to sell your public speaking skill online. You can be hired to motivate students or patients and get paid.

As much as it may appear easy to make money online, beware of scammers. Scammers are all over in the internet. Secondly, it is not a sure – fire way to earn. Be patient and work hard towards your goals.

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