Top Alternatives to the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear

The Apple Watch and Samsung Gear are few of the top smartwatches in the market today. The Apple Watch launched in the year 2015, and since then it has caused great disruption within the smartwatch industry. Samsung Gear is also one of the most used smart watches globally. However, whether you are an Android or ios fan, chances are you are here to learn about alternatives that can be connected to your phone and slapped on your wrist. Below is a full list of what you might be looking for:

1) Huawei Watch 2

At the top of our list is the Huawei Watch 2. The second generation of Huawei smartwatch is designed to demonstrate a strong focus on fitness and sport. However, it  isn’t all the watch offers.  It features all the basic components of a regular smart watch and additional special features that allow it to make the cut onto our list.. The typical features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G network and 4GB storage. The special features are really what won over our hearts. It has an additional capacitive sensor, a barometer, a gyroscope, a compass, in-depth stat-tracking, a workout device, an accelerometer and boasts a 1.2 inches AMOLED display with a high resolution of 390 x 390. To top it all off, the gadget is water-proof, so no need to remove your watch as you wash your hands or go for a swim. The watch can be used with both Android and iOS phones.

2) Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic may be the least popular on our list, but trust us, it is an incredible gadget to own. It is the Fitbit’s first attempt at making smart watches and they clearly did it right. If you are a fan of the Apple Watch’s sleek design, then this gadget will appeal to you. The watch has great display quality, provides easy access to all your data, has a fully functional GPS tracker and is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The best feature about this watch is the powerful battery that can last up to 4 days. This provides a whole 96 hours of charge!

3) Fossil Q Founder

Our third recommendation is the Fossil Q Founder, Fossil is one of the oldest watchmakers still creating watches for the market. This watch is well equipped and pleasant to the eye, and the great design doesn’t make it quite so obvious that it is a smart watch. The gadget runs on Android Wear and is compatible with Android devices of 4.4 or later. It is also compatible with iOS devices with 8.2 or later updates. The watch has 4 GB storage, which is much double of what most watches currently have. Buyers also have the option of choosing the straps (leather or metal).  The display is screen is 1.5 inches with 360×326, 240ppi, it is Wi-Fi and bluetooth enabled and also has a microphone, gyroscope, wireless charging feature and a strong 400 mAh battery.  If you are shopping for a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a typical smart watch what better brand to buy than that from manufacturers who have been in existence for decades.

4) Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola has been put in the limelight with the recent mobile release of Moto series, after a keeping a low profile with  mobile phones for a while. They are also beginning to stand  out in the smartwatch industry with the their Moto 360 Sport option. This watch is one great alternative to purchase especially if you are into fitness and exercise. It is quite practical, with a portable lightweight design, has accurate GPS tracking features, heart rate monitors, a light sensor and functions on both Android and iOS gadgets. The watch is available in an array of sporty colours, has a battery with the capacity to hold charge for 24 hours, is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and has a wireless charging feature. The watch is also both dust and water resistant.

5) Huawei Watch

Huawei’s first smartwatch generation is quite impressive just like the second generation listed above. It functions with both Android and iOS, however some features may not be available on the latter. The design of the watch boasts a sapphire crystal display paired with a stainless steel casing that makes it look like a premium gadget. We all know looks are often deceiving, but this is not the case with the Huawei Watch. It has a set of great features that will meet all anticipated needs. It features an inbuilt tracker, an intelligent data center that gives you health insight, heart monitor, motion sensors, AMOLED display clarity of 400 x 400 resolution; 286 ppi, 4GB Rom and a 300 MaH capacity battery. In addition to this they have custom designed options for both men and women.

6) Nokia Steel HR

Nokia is a well known brand, mostly popular for their high-quality consumer electronics. The Nokia steel HR is right for the user who is not fussed about the full touch screen feature of smartwatches. The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The greatest feature of the watch is the battery capacity, which call last up to 25 days on regular use. It also is also waterproof up to 50 metres, so you can shower or even swim with the watch on. The watch has inbuilt health monitors that keep a record of heart rates,  sleep cycles and exercise routines. The watch comes with an easy to customise straps. The price tag on this gadget is significantly lower than most alternatives available.

7) Garmin Vivoactive HR

Last on our list is the Garmin Vivoactive HR which was released in the year. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and is a great smartwatch option. It doesn’t work on the Android Wear software but on Garmin’s custom software that allows the Android compatibility. The screen is square with a high resolution touchscreen display size of 28.6 mm x 20.7 mm. It comes in black with additional strap size options. The watch is waterproof and features a rather accurate, and impressive map database that comes in handy with sports (especially with golfers when estimating hole distances). The battery lasts for 7 days on regular use. Wear your personality on your wrist with the customisable features that enable users to personalise the theme of the watch. The Garmin Vivoactive HR, is the perfect alternative if you don’t want to leave a dent in your wallet.

If you are committed to getting a smart watch, we believe the list above will give you the best options available. Select that which matches your budget and preferred features. All the best!

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