How to Recover Deleted or Lost Word Documents on Mac OS X

Whenever the user needs to do work or creating reports, Microsoft documents are a necessary one for them. Usually, the users can get the word documents that are accessible for everyone get attention on the reports and save the data. Unfortunately, the word document lost due to some errors and might happen when you are using the word document. You can immediately close the program and reboot the system to getting rid of the recover word document mac more info . But there are some simple steps allow the users to recover the lost data safely. If there is an unsaved document or lost data on Mac, using third-party free word document recovery mac which help the users.

Steps for recovering word documents on Mac OS X

If your Mac OS X has lost or unsaved data, the recover lost word document option is simple when having Mac Data Recovery. It allows the users to recover your lost word file in Mac OS X when you facing unexpected data loss occur. It is useful to helpful and retrieves the data in various data loss cases. This is necessary for grabbing amazing option and cause data loss overcomes the issues. Some steps are explained clearly and how to recover word document mac efficiently.

  • At first, choose the location in which documents were lost
  • Then click the scan button
  • After that, the EaseUS Data recovery wizard will start automatic quick scan as well as deep scan
  • Meanwhile, the scanning results will be presented in the left pane
  • By utilizing the path and type, you can quickly filter the word files that have lost
  • Pick the target files and click recover now button

Recovering lost word documents on Mac OS X using a temporary folder

On then the above steps, the temporary folder steps involve a simple procedure for searching the lost word documents quickly. The below step will guide you to find the lost files and recover deleted files on mac smoothly from Disk Drill.

  • At first, go to the finder, Choose Go> Go to a folder
  • Type Private/Var/folders and find the file name Word Work File inside temporary items
  • Before dropping them on word icon, option for drag folders to the desktop
  • Don’t delete the files or documents

How to recover lost word documents using AutoRecovery

In the Microsoft word on Mac computer, the Auto recovery option is available and tuned on default for further process. When you are working in word documents, it automatically saves a copy of an open word file every 10 minutes.  If word document suddenly crashes, you can use the auto recovery copy to recover lost data on macOS smoothly.

  • You need to close word for mac
  • Choose Go Menu, click Home
  • Open the documents folder and open Microsoft user data
  • Then, it locates entire files with the word and chooses AutoRecovery Save of and pick anyone to recover
  • Add the doc file name extension to proceed further
  • Double-click the file and document opens soon after
  • After that, click File menu and select Save As
  • Select folder for the file and click save button


From the above steps, the users might get an idea to recover the word documents and use the best methods for protecting your files. It will save the time and the steps without any hassles. Moreover, the steps listed above surely allow the users edit documents in case of lost files. Consequently, you can get an idea about recovering lost data on Mac OS X in a risk-free manner.

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