How to Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 – Step By Guide

Searching for the guide to Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 ? Landed at right place. Here in this post we have added the easiest and simplest guide to Fix Active directory domain service currently unavailable in windows 10.

Active Directory Domain Service unavailable error is quite a common problem and we all have faced this. In Windows 10, people might face this problem after some usage. That’s why people report against printers and this problem is observed in almost all printers like Canon, Lexmark, HP, etc. if you are also facing this problem then you need not worry about it.

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This problem is quite a minor problem and you can solve this by yourself without any hassle. So when you see Active Directory Domain Service unavailable error then you just perform some simple steps as mentioned in the article below. One of them will definitely solve your issue.

What is Active Domain Service Currently Unavailable Error?

Sometimes people use to work on the Microsoft office and then they try to print any document. In that case, they find an error called “Active Directory Domain Service currently unavailable” and it restricts you to print any of your document files. Sometimes people face some weird problem in case of office components. When they work on the Excel or word and want to print their document but these components can’t detect the printer as they just keep saying this error.

Sometimes people use Internet Explorer and they give the command to print something and they can easily detect the printer and they can easily print their stuff. So the question is why this problem exists with the office components only? Why the office component can’t detect the printer?

Well, we as we have noticed that it is just a user permission issue. Sometimes user did not give the permissions to the Office components at the time of installation. That’s why this problem still persists. If you are facing this problem then you don’t need to worry and just follow the article.

# Check Network Installation

If the first solution doesn’t work on your computer then you can check the network installation. In order to do this first click on the Control Panel>Printers>Add New Printer and then you need to click on the Network Printer and browse the Printer.

Now you need to see whether it works or not. You can also reinstall the office suite or you can also try to reinstall the drivers. If any of the methods don’t work for you then you need to give a try to something different. Follow the steps given below:

  • Press the Window + R keys on your computer and it will open a run command on your screen.
  • Now you need to click on the services.msc blinking on your screen.
  • Then Select the Print Spooler and make a right click with your mouse.
  • Now you can open the properties option from the menu.
  • Hereyou need to keep one thing in your mind that Startup types should be Automatic and Service Status should be running.
  • If these settings already running then stop and restart.

Second solution Of How to Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 :

If your problem doesn’t get solved by this process then you need to reboot your router and switch off the firewall. After doing all these procedures, you can restart your computer and follow:

Control Panel > Printers > Add New Printer > Network Printer > Browse for Printer > Add the device. This might definitely work for you and if it doesn’t then follow the next step.

Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 – Fix

Anyone can face this problem as it is one of the most common issues with windows 10. This problem can restrict us to do our work properly and we all need to find a way to resolve this. Well, we have collected some simple steps by which you can solve this problem without any hassle. One of them will definitely work on your Windows 10 and your printer will start printing the documents.

What does it mean when the active directory domain services are unavailable?

In this article, we have gathered some information to fix this problem. We have added the full guide to Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10. If you are having this kind of problem then one of the methods will definitely work. It doesn’t matters, which laptop you are using as it works on all PC’s and Laptops. So here is some simple fix to this error of Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable.

# Try Trouble Shooting Tips

Microsoft has already offered some dedicated troubleshooters which will definitely assist you to fix this issue as it is a common problem affecting the OS.

You can try built-in Printer troubleshooter to fix this problem. In order to use this you need to follow some steps:

  • Go to the setting and click on the Update option.
  • Then you find the troubleshoot option and in the first section, get us and running.
  • Here you will find the Printer Troubleshooter option. Click on it and it will test your printer for the issue.

Second Procedure:

Well there are some other tricks to do this with more efficient way. You just have to make few clicks and it will resolve your issue.

  • Firstly click Window+ W key on your computer.
  • Then you need to type troubleshooting in the given box.
    Now you need to select the printer and use the Troubleshooter tool.
  • The troubleshooter tool will try to find the issue and will definitely fix it.
  • We are sure that this will definitely resolve the Active Directory Domain Service currently unavailable issues in Windows 10.

You can try any of the above-mentioned procedure and get your problem solved of Fixing Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Window’s 10 as both of them work on the Windows 10 but in case this doesn’t work then you need to follow the next step.

Reinstall the Drivers

Drivers are provided to make our hardware work according to the software. They play a very sensitive role in making our PC work. Therefore we need to keep these drivers updated and this also might help to resolve your problem. If any of these drivers get corrupted or damaged then it will definitely affect the performance of the computer.

You can also try to reinstall the drivers of your computer as it might have some chance that it will fix your problem. There are some users who try to do this on their Windows 10 PC and their active directory domain services unavailable error have solved. Therefore we are advising you to try this.

Using Registry Editor

If any of the above-mentioned steps didn’t work for you then you need to give it a try. In order to this, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click Window+R and a dialogue box will appear on your screen. Type regedit in it and run it.
  • It will open the Registry Editor and then click on the OK option on the screen.
  • Now you need to find the Devices, Windows, and Printer ports option on the left pane of your screen.
  • Now with the help of right click of your mouse open the properties.
  • This will access the permission options menu of each of the selections.
  • Now you have to select the user account with which you are facing this issue.
  • Now you need to provide the full control over the permission label with the help of putting a check mark against Allow.

You should do this step for all the entries listed under the username section.
At last after clicking all the entries you need to click on the apply button located at the bottom of your screen.

After doing all the above-mentioned steps, you have to close the Registry Editor and reboot the computer. After rebooting reinstall the printer and we are quite sure that this time you will not face this issue again because this is a clear case of permissions.

Once the Office components start to detect your printer and give you access to print the document, you should restore the permissions that we have a change in the above steps. This will take your PC back to normal state.

Recognize Printer Using Other Apps

Here we have found another way to suppress this problem on your computer. In this method, you need to add the printer via those apps on which the printer is visible. These apps are quite helpful to fix this issue on your computer and we just have to follow some simple steps as mentioned below in the article:
First of all, you have to close all the Office components and open the Notepad app.

Then click File>Print or you can do this via a command like Ctrl+P.

Now a print window will appear on your screen. You need to click on the Find printer option and add the printer to the system.

Most probably, the printer will now be visible to all the office components as well. This method has been very efficient on all computers. This will definitely fix your issue completely and you will never face any of this kind of issue on your computer.

Run a Full System Scan

Sometimes this problem arises due to some malware as this malware affect the drivers or you can say that they can manipulate your computer. These viruses or malware are needed to be removed first then only this problem of Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable will be resolved.
This malware is the cause of many problems in your computer and Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable issue is one of them.

In order eliminate this problem we need an antivirus which is strong enough to remove this malware completely from your computer.

We need to make a full system scan with antivirus. You can use Window in-built antivirus called Window Defender. You can also try third party software like Avast. Here we have full guidelines to scan the complete system with window defender:

  • Firstly go the Start and then type defender in the search box given below.
  • Now you need to make double click on the Window Defender icon to lunch the antivirus.
  • Press the shield icon present on the left of the panel.
  • A new window will appear on your screen and then click on the Advance scan option.
  • Now scan the entire system for any kind of malware.

Restarting Printer Spooler

Well if any of the above-mentioned methods doesn’t work for you then you need to try something different. Restarting printer spooler might prove to be helpful for you. This is a very easy step and you can do by making few clicks on your computer. Here we have a complete guideline to restart the Printer Spooler:

  • Firstly, you need to press the Windows+R key on your keyboard.
  • Now you will observe that a dialogue box appears on your screen.
  • You need to type services.msc in the pop-up menu.

A list will open on your computer screen. Here you need to find the Print Spooler option and click on it. With the help of right click of your mouse, you should open the properties option.
Here you need to stop the running status and restart it.

Reboot the Router and Add a Printer Again

Here we have another trick that will assist you to get this problem fixed. We have constructed the complete guideline to reboot the router and add a printer.

You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • You need to turn off your firewall and reboot the router.
  • Then after doing this, you have to restart the Computer.
  • After this process, open the Control panel and select the Printer option blacking on your screen.
  • Now click on the Add Printer option and then select the browse printer option.
  • After doing all these stuff, you need to click on the add device button.

Final Words

Well, we have mentioned lots of methods to solve the Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable issue. We hope that one of the above mentioned procedures will definitely help you. Lots of people have tried these procedures and fix this issue on their computer. So we advise you to try all these steps and one of them will definitely work.

Active Directory Domain Service Currently Unavailable – fix is an error which occurred during printing any document while working on Microsoft Word. You can fix the error by applying the various technical methods.

That’s all for this informative post on How to Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 ! Hope this guide will work for you.

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