How to clean up MacBook

As you probably know, not only Windows programs leave piles of garbage after removal. Such a thing is also a usual practice on OS X. Mac can maintain the order by its own, however, it is often difficult for the operating system to detect or manage potentially useless files. What to do in this situation? Enjoy CleanMyMac! This useful program with a simple and user-friendly interface provides an effective way to track and clean up MacBook¬†from garbage. So, what is the program CleanMyMac? Let’s itemize:

1. A cool tool for cleaning the system from “junk” files;

2. The uninstaller of applications that cleans the remainder;

3. The optimizer of iPhoto library;

4. An excellent tool for finding large files (among which there are certainly old and unnecessary ones);

5. Shredder – irrevocable removal of unnecessary files.

1. Auto-clean – Clean OS X automatically

With this section, you can completely clean OS X. Here you can clear the cache, remove the rest of the programs, search for unnecessary language files and so on. In general, regular use of this function will keep your Mac clean and provide excellent performance. But this is not the only important section of the program.

2. Uninstaller – Remove garbage that remains after deleting of applications

As a rule, even after complete removal of the software, on the hard drive remains some garbage data. This can be entire folders and individual files in the places where you installed the software, configuration elements in the user folders and record in the base of the register.

If you want to remove everything completely, it is better to rely on the help of the appropriate utilities. The program CleanMyMac finds all the slag. It is especially convenient when you need to reinstall the software so that the settings are not saved. Yes, in OS X, as in iOS, application settings are retained even after they are deleted. It’s convenient, but not always.

But using the uninstaller, be careful, because even the best utilities do just what they were designed for: completely delete data from the hard disk. If these files contain the necessary files, this can cause trouble. Therefore, save a copy of important files, best of all, on an external storage medium.

3. Cleaning iPhoto – delete the photocopies

The storage (media library) of iPhoto increases in size very quickly and infinitely on the disk, occupying more and more gigabytes. The full iPhoto storage can slow down the performance of the whole system. This module of CleanMyMac can significantly reduce the size of your iPhoto library without losing any images removing unnecessary original copies of previously edited images.

4. The manager of large and old files – delete the most memory volumed garbage

At the disposal of the user, there is an option of identifying of old and large files that can be deleted without consequences. Mostly they are the files that have not been used for a long time. In CleanMyMac 3 there is also a smart cleaning function – an intelligent algorithm, that is suggesting to get rid of those files, the removal of which does not affect the system functions.

5. Shredder – secure deletion of files forever

If you deleted a file from the Basket, it does not mean that it can not be recovered – there are a large number of special programs that allow you to do this. Of course, the possibility of the recovery will depend on how long time ago you deleted the file and what was the size of file, but still, there is a theoretical possibility of 100% file recovery even after formatting the hard drive. Therefore, for guaranteed, irrevocable deletion of files, you also need to use special programs that permanently destroy data without the possibility of their recovery. CleanMyMac has a built-in function Shredder so that you don’t need to download an additional app.

According to the developer, the original version of CleanMyMac was downloaded over 3 million times and became a real bestseller among Mac users.

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