How do I Access the Dark Web?

The internet you see, use and access today is just a small fraction of what is truly out there. The deep web forms the whole basis of the internet as it covers about 96% of the total web, yet it is inaccessible to us. A smaller, darker part of the internet is comprised inside the deep web and it is known as the dark web. Now, when you hear the dark web for the first time, the questions that comes to your mind is how dark this part of the internet really is? How can one find it? Is it accessible or not? We will be answering all these questions such as how do I access the dark web and more below.

What is the Dark Web?

How many websites have you truly visited on the internet? Don’t you sometimes feel that no matter how much you surf on the internet, it is endless. One thing no one has ever told you about the internet as a whole is that you can only access 4% of the total web present outside. The other 96% is inaccessible using normal web browsers and is called the deep web and it has a darker place called the dark web inside it. The name, dark web, was first coined by Mike Bergman in the year 2000. If you have any query, please check out depth resource on the deep web/dark web.

How is the Dark web different from the Normal Web? Is it Legal to access?

The difference between the Dark Web and the normal web is as big as night and day. The content, information and data that you will come across on the dark web is very different from the one you see on the normal web. These contents are illegal and illicit and this is why, it is hidden from the eyes of the world.  A number of criminal activities form the basis of the dark web such as drug trafficking, exchange of weapons, hiring of contractual killers, kidnappers, match-fixers and online hackers. At present, there is no law that forbids you to access the dark web. However, if you engage yourself in the criminal activities, you could end up in deep trouble.

How can I access this Dark Web?

As mentioned above, it is not easy to access the dark web. The community has ensured that it remains a closed affair and is anonymous to the outside world. How One can access the dark web if they know a few tricks and have knowledge about what they are doing. Firstly, you will need to install a special web browser on your device such as the Tor Browser because you will not be able to access the dark web from a normal web browser. This browser is specially designed to ensure that your identity is completely hidden on the internet and keeps you safe from numerous malware and viruses available on the dark web.

Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is available for free download on their website. This browser comes with its own set of pre-designed configurations. These are important to ensure your identity is hidden on the dark web and prevents anyone from tracking you or keeping surveillance. Hence, your identity completely anonymous is completely anonymous on the dark web.

Finding Links

The next key thing you need to know about how do I access the dark web is the ability to find working links of websites on the website. The Tor Browse helps you to connect and surf the dark web but does not provide you with website links. However, you can search for links to webpages you need to visit on hidden wiki directories. The links that end with .onion extension can be easily browsed using the Tor browser.

Always keep in mind that while you are not breaking any rules by accessing the dark web, ending up on criminal acts or websites associated with them can lead to some disturbing images. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do a proper research before you access the dark web. Also, ensure that you select verified directory links as unverified links can lead to your system crash.

Steps you need to follow

To best summarize the answer to the question,how do I access the dark web, all you have to do is download and install the Tor browser, search for reliable, verified webpages on hidden wiki directories and stay clear of malicious websites and illicit content. Only the links that end with .onion extension will work on the Tor Browser. Copy the webpage link and paste on the Tor Browser to open the link.

The Final Say

Dark web is not the place that most people will want to visit on the internet. However, if you still feel the need to access it, make sure that you do a proper search before you end up there as it may do more harm than good being in this part of their internet. Next time anyone asks how do I access the dark web, just mention the steps above along with the risks associated with it.

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