What is Cryptolocker Infection and How to Remove it?

Is your computer affected by the Cryptolocker virus? Do you need a resolution that will help? This article will provide you with the solution!

Want to know about cryptolocker infection ? Landed at right place. Here in this post we have added all important information regarding cryptolocker infection and it’s removal process. Keep reading this article for more information regarding cryptolocker infection.

What is cryptolocker infection and how to remove it?

Do you think that your computer is troubled with a new malware that is unlike any other? Do you fear it is a ransomware? Do you find yourself locked out of your own computer access? Well there is only one possible problem! You may have been affected by Cryptolocker!

What is Cryptolocker ?

Cryptolocker is one of the ransomwares that had first made its appearance in the year of 2013. Of course, this is one of the major problems that people must be aware of. The Cryptolocker is one of the major problems that can still cause problems that are unimaginable.

If it is to be described in one word only then Cryptolocker is a ransomware. Yes, this is a ransomware that absolutely takes control over a person’s computer and therefore all of their personal information as well as files.

Cryptolocker infection

So, if a person really wants to get an access back to the same, they will have to pay up. In the process, the Cryptolocker deletes all the files on the computer and make a duplicate copy of each of them.
If the people barges into payment, only then they will be granted an access back to their computers.

And if not, then unfortunately, they will have to lose out the entire information for their work.

How does this reach the computer ?

The Cryptolocker is not at all like any other malware. It comes in a form that can be hardly recognized as a problem. Often this particular malware reaches your computer with the help of the emails. They just doesn’t come in like a normal spam mail.

Cryptolocker infection & its removal process ?

Rather, they are intelligently dressed as a very formal and business email. It is mostly because the people whom it mostly affects are from the business background. This is a really easy way to lure them into opening the mail in the first place.

Also, at times, it comes in as a tracking link to an important courier. Also, an easy to fall for trap! Keeping it out is really not that easy thus! Also, at times, the normal viruses that usually attack a computer and can be easily got rid off, carry these!

Cryptolocker infection removal tool 

No matter whatever the situation is, things can be really bad, if it supposedly takes over your computer at any point of time.

Precaution is better than cure:

Believe us, when we say this. Knowing how to get rid of this is cool, but then again a lot of private information is at stake and people must know that what are the various ways that they can utilize to at the very least create a good enough protection!

The following are few things that they can and must absolutely do:

  • Use a great anti-virus. Yes, refrain from settling for cheap! Especially, if you have a business, make sure that you have the best anti-virus protection that covers almost all the areas efficiently. This will be an investment that you will not regret.
  • Scan regularly and frequently. Yes, make sure that you are regularly scanning your computer. If possible, then every day! Yes, if you want to get excellent results then scan your computer every possible day.
  • Keep complicated passwords to your profiles. Make sure that all your online accounts have unimaginable passwords. Combine capital and low case letters with numeric as well as symbols for the best results.
  • Make sure that they don’t fall in an identifiable pattern at all.
  • Keep changing your passwords regularly. Yes, this can help a lot. Keep changing every fortnight!
  • Don’t autosave your passwords at all. Even if your browser supports the same, do not do that. Rather write it down in a diary or notebook that you must keep safely.
  • Save all your files offline. Make backups if necessary. Even if you store these online still make sure you have offline backups for the same.
  • You must also understand that how to deal with this, once you get your computer affected with the same.

How to get rid of Cryptolocker?

The very first thing to understand is that it is difficult and very fast in its infecting process. So you have to work in accordance to the same.

How to remove Cryptolocker Infection ?

The following are few steps to follow:


The very first thing to do is disconnect from any network that connects you to the online sites. Make sure that you bid the internet a goodbye.


Only a good anti-virus can do this. So make sure that you have the best. Use this anti-malware and virus system to get the virus out of your computer and delete it permanently.

Stop any other backups from getting infected:

Disconnect backup devices if any and log out from the online cloud storages if possible. This helps it from spreading and thus works in your stride.
Apart from these the very first thing to do is connect to the cyber-crime division and inform them about the same.
Most importantly the people must do one thing for sure.

In order to make sure that every bit of this computer is protected you must consult and take help from the professionals. Only they can offer the best riddance of this virus from the computer and in the most professional way.

Why the professionals?

Well, the following are the various reasons why the professionals can help:

They know the exact tips and tricks:

This is exactly why they are the professionals. They have dealt with it all and they know how to get through with the best results for you. They know the perfect steps and they can do no mistakes at all.

They help with the safe cleaning procedures:

Yes, this is certainly another of the best things that the professionals can do. They can absolutely help with safe cleaning without any problem at all. They know that exactly what area to clean and if there is any affected area anymore!

They can handle tricky situations:

These professionals can absolutely handle the trickiest situations without any doubt. Of course, this is one of the best things that the people must be aware of no matter what.

Only the professionals are to be trusted no matter what. If you want to find the best solution for the same, then the best solution will be the professionals services only!

Final Words

That’s all for this informative post on cryptolocker infection. We have added almost each and every Information regarding the Cryptolocker infection and its removal process. Yes ! We have also shared about the easiest method to remove cryptolocker infection. Must read the full post to get to know about each and every details of Cryptolocker Infection.

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