How Facebook Profile Picture Guard Protect Users – Everything You want to know

Do you use Facebook? Do you keep worrying about how to protect your profile picture from the strangers? Use the profile picture guard. Let us guide you why and how !

If you use facebook on daily basis, then you must have heard about the new update of facebook i.e facebook profile picture guard !!

How Facebook Profile Picture Guard Protects Users ?

This is an era of technology, progress and not to forget, globalization as well. Keeping all these three things in mind, it is quite certain, that the people must be looking for the best results that comes out of these. So they get with the help of the online social media platforms. Yes, ever since the evolution and the immensely fast progress with the technology, the social media sites have managed to keep the people engrossed to them.

What is the use of FB Profile Picture Guard ?

But then again there is this one particular site that absolutely doesn’t miss the attention of the people by any possible means. And that is none other than Facebook. There is completely no doubt in the fact that Facebook is one of the major social media giants that help in communicating, sharing as well as keeping an opinion on a matter.

But there are certain risks to using it and of course some of the most necessary security rules and privacy features are offered by it as well. With times changing, the privacy features are also changing and upgrading.

What privacy features Facebook offers?

Following are certain privacy features that Facebook offers its followers with and absolutely stand out in the same:

 Manage who can see your profile:

Yes, this is certainly one of the major benefits that the social media giant offers people with. One can make sure that they understand that there are many people who just wants to make friends with a certain lot. Maybe they are on Facebook just to keep in terms with the people that they know or talk to. This is exactly why they don’t want to be bothered with the feeling of people seeing the profile. The Facebook manages to relief them with the fact that strangers can’t view their profile no matter what.

 Manage what people can see:

Exactly another privacy option that one can make the best use of. When you are not friends with someone and yet want to find out about them you make a visit to their profile. But then again, there are certain things that you can see while there are many others that you cannot. Or in some profiles, you can almost see nothing about them while in some profiles you can see all. The privacy features allow the people to select their audience carefully.

 Manage who can send you a request:

As already mentioned, there are many people who are absolutely disturbed by the idea that people maybe able to see their profile. There are certain other people as well, who do not want to get bothered by friend requests from any and every one. And this is certainly why they manage to make sure that they are in fact turning this feature on. This will allow them to select the type of audience that they want to connect to them. It will help them in one too many ways.

 Manage who can see what details of you:

Also, one can manage that people will be able to see about the communication address or not! This is extremely necessary for the people no matter what. Many may want to share their birthday on Facebook but not the year. They can hide it if they want.

 The profile picture guard:

If you can really get annoyed of something, then it surely is the fact that others can get their hands on your picture. This is absolutely one of the worst possible things that can happen. Surely one has to understand that the profile picture guard is a recently added security feature that people can make the best use of. This help them in protection of their profile picture in the first place.

How the profile picture guard is important ?

Following are various reasons why this guard can be called really important for the people in one too many ways:

 Helps against downloading:

There are many people who though cannot go through any posts in your profile but were allowed to check your profile picture for sure. And when they did, they could download the same on their device for sure. This is definitely one of the best possible things that can happen. This is only why this profile picture guard comes with a feature of ensuring that no one can download your profile picture at all. And it doesn’t require your permission for the same. Once turned on, it will stick to it without any problem.

 Helps against screenshots:

One of the major troubles that people may have to face right after downloading, is the fact that the screenshots are easy to take. And this happens easily with any phone. But then again the profile picture guard helps you against it as well. You just cannot have a screenshot of a profile picture, when the profile picture guard is turned on.

 Helps against tagging:

One of the most annoying habits that people can face is the unnecessary and un welcomed barging of others in their own pictures. There are many people who love to tag themselves on other’s pictures. And when the profile picture guard is turned on and you are not a friend to the person whose picture it is, then of course, you will not be able to tag yourself on the picture. This is one of the best things that people can expect from the profile picture guard for

 Easy to use and access:

Using the profile picture guard is no rocket science. It is an extremely easy feature that helps people in ensuring that they are able to protect their profile picture from people who they don’t want to share with. And just with enabling the same can help them get trough with the best results. So if you are uploading an image, then certainly all you have to do is turn on the profile picture guard option. And Lo! Your profile picture is saved from the strangers that
you absolutely despise.

This feature must be taken an advantage of and used by the people. Especially women, who fall a victim to picture shaming and spreading as well.

Final Words

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