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Faasos is one of the best food in demand company which provide you with the feature of food ordering online. Best part of faasos is that it provide their customer with tons of offer’s. But you need Faasos refferal code to get discount while ordering food online.

So Friends, We have decided to share Faaasos Refferal Code with you all guys so that you will order food at low price or with heavy discount.

Looking for Faasos Refferal Code, Faasos Coupon Code ? Here in this post we are going to share the latest refferal code of faasos. Keep reading this post for more information 🙂

No more calling mummy, but filling your tummy – it’s faasos! Get the faasos app soon. Order online and wait till your door bell rings. Ting tong! Enjoy your meal.

How To Redeem Faasos Referral Code?

Mom, I’m hungry. I’m almost starving! Please get me some food. Mom! Mom! No one’s at home! How do I get some food? What do I eat? But I’m all rumbly in my tumbly! God, please help me!

Hey kid. Stop whining! Why worry when faasos is here!

What is faasos?

Hi there. I’m faasos. Don’t you know me? Well, let me introduce myself to you. Fasoos is a renowned food purchasing app. You can now order food with a swipe and some clicks. Like other food apps, faasos is not the same. Faasos is only available over online. The menu is provided only from their own store. This means that faasos is an honest online business. It does not blindly copy from others. Instead, it tries to satisfy customers as per their requirements. Further, here’s a surprise for you. The menu is kept updated all throughout. Therefore, you get some attractive discounts as well.

Attention! Attention! Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a new user, faasos has some exciting gift for you. What it can be? Any guesses? Well, faasos is generous to fill your wallet with Rs. 50 even before you buy anything. Be it a first app user or first online website user, it is applicable to all firsthand users.

What made faasos initiate such a business?

The company authorities made an extensive research. To their surprise they found out that people today are so busy in rat race that they hardly get time to cook for themselves. Does that mean they’ll keep starving all along? Definitely not. Why not find anything interesting for them? How about providing customers with readymade food? This will not only save their time from cooking at home, but will also save their effort.

faasos Refferal Code

The team made a survey on more than 100 people. They convinced people saying ‘Give your laziness, we’ll provide you delicacies’. Further, the team wanted to seek what is the most obvious problem that bothers young people every day. And the answer was simple, food.

Therefore, they landed up in this generous business of delivering finger-licking food to people in exchange of certain amount of money.

What are the most recurrent questions asked by customers?

The team then jotted down some of the common questions that might be asked by the customers. After extensive research, they came to a conclusion. And the question is “What’s in the menu today? What’s new?” To find out a relevant answer to this question, faasos was born.

How to reach out to faasos?

After hearing so much about faasos, aren’t you interested? Oh, you are ready to place order! That’s impressive. To order food from faasos, first and foremost, you need an internet connection. You are free to download the faasos app as well. For android or iphone users, downloading faasos is just a matter of a gentle click.

How To Install Fassos app in Your Phone ?

  • First Of All, Click Here To Download Faasos app
  • Next Install and open the app in your phone
  • Register on the app with your mobile number
  • Verify your mobile number using OTP
  • Enter the refferal code to get sign up bonus
  • Search for the food you want
  • Voila ! You have successfully Ordered food from Faasos 🙂

What are the meals available in faasos ?

Faasos divides the whole food package into several divisions. The food supplier takes orders. If you have any kind of party to be organized in your house, make a call to faasos. And it’s there to cordially welcome your guests with the best cuisines. Let’s take a look at the various packages it has.

# Party order

Have a party this weekend? Around 50 people are invited. That’s cool. But what about their eatables? What do I serve them? How can I manage everything singlehandedly? Relax. Settle down. Take your phone. Open the faasos app and quickly place order.

Under their party order falls many preparations. Signature rice feats, butter chicken, dal makahni and chicken keema are the basic platters that can be served in huge quantities. Apart from them, if you want anything else, let them know. Instead of hunting for food in the last minute and messing the party, it’s better to settle things earlier. Coming to the pocket pinch, you get a 20% discount on purchasing food above Rs.1500.
Faasos elite

If you are an existent customer of faasos, why not shift to the elite class. The faasos elite provide you the facility to pay later. This is an installment method. You need to pay on 1st and 16th of each month. Also, if you invite people to join faasos app, you get a credit of 150 points as bonus. No matter what, faasos is there to wish you on all your birthdays. It never deserts you. Fill up your birthday data and faasos is happy to gift you meal of Rs. 100/- for free. Further, once you place order over Rs.299, faasos surprises you with a free dessert.

Wanna be a food critique? Join the elite group of faasos. The team will introduce their new cuisines to you. Your job is to taste them and comment. Their improvements depend on your comments. You can come along with your partner to their meets.

For joining the elite group, either login or register. Newcomers need to register first and the oldies, login. To maintain security, an OTP will be sent in your mobile number. Provide the exact OTP and be a part of faasos.

This is a new member of the faasos family. What does bolt speak of? Well, bolt is actually a punctual rogue. First, you place order either in app or on their website. On receiving your order, they provide you a time by which they promise you to deliver the item. Your job is done. Just sit back and go through a magazine. What if they fail to reach you within given time? No problem. Your money will be returned back provided it’s up to Rs. 200. This is only applicable to orders paid online.

# Hunger saver

As mentioned earlier, faasos is generous. Do you know why? Because it thinks of every child irrespective of which strata they belong to. Their hunger saver mission has the vision to feed at least 10,000 children by 2020. Don’t you want to be part of this act of kindness? Join faasos hunger saver mission.

Faasos coupons

Food can be ordered as per coupon system. There are different faasos referral codes for different food packages. To order food by coupons, enter the faasos referral code. Select on what food you want. Pay online !!

Final Words 

That’s all for this informative post on faasos refferal code. We have added the direct download link of faasos app in the above para. Must read all the above latest refferal code of fassos from here and enjoy the big discount on each order.

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