FM Whatsapp Apk Download latest version 6.90 For Android-2018 [Updated]

Other than whatsapp, what can be the most popular messaging app! But do you know that whatsapp has undergone certain changes? FM whatsapp is its new version with a bulk of features. Whatsapp is no more limited to messaging only. It’s vast now.

Today in this lovely morning we are going to share with you all about FM Whatsapp Apk. We have shared almost each and every Information regarding the latest version of FM Whatsapp. Keep reading this post !!

Fm Whatsapp 6.90 Apk Download Latest Version For Android

With the heightening success of technology and modern science, today communicating with people is just a click away. Whenever you feel like talking to your friend or delivering some important information, what do you do? Do you write letters anymore? Do you make a call via landline? Or do you run to that person’s house? None of the above. It’s whatsapp that aids you.
None can deny today that he or she is without an android phone. And an android phone not being a shelter to Whatsapp is something unbelievable. This just cannot happen.

Mostof you must have brought an android phone only to update yourselves with whatsapp. But for those who still have not met with whatsapp, let me introduce you to the most popular messaging app, whatsapp.

Must download FM Whatsapp apk from below download link to enjoy its amazing features !!

What is whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a messaging app. It is free to download for every smartphone. It works with the help of internet connection. You can forward messages, images, audio, documents, and videos. A primary reason why you should use whatsapp is its cost effectiveness. You cannot imagine how less is the value of messaging in whatsapp! Even though you don’t have whatsapp do you think you will be deprived of getting the fun in whatsapp? Not at all!

Whatsappnot only is friendly to android phones but has also befriended with desktops and laptops. Whatsapp’s popularity is mostly found among teenagers because of its fun aspects like group chatting, video calling, and location sharing.

You must be wondering why whatsapp is so popular among all. Discarding so many messaging apps, why everyone chooses whatsapp? Well, there must be some reason. Below are list down the advantages of whatsapp that makes it one among the many.

You can send free messages to anyone from any part of the world. The whole process is completely free. You will only need an internet connection.

All functions provided by whatsapp are easy to handle.

The whatsapp screen does not distract you with any advertisements. Therefore, you are not likely to tap into any ad.
The app automatically collects all contacts from your phone and transfers it to whatsapp contact list. Once you log in, you can immediately see how many of your friends are using whatsapp.
You can share your locations, photos, status, and videos with your friends and relatives.

With whatsapp, chatting is no more a costly affair. Not a single farthing is spent.

Through whatsapp, you can send 100 messages to one single person a month.
What about the latest version of whatsapp?

After you download whatsapp, you need to keep on updating it from time to time. If you update whatsapp recently, do you know what you will find?

Here is the latest version of Whatsapp, the Fm Whatsapp 6.90 Apk Download. It is one of the most popular whatsapp apk modes. It is recommended to use the new release of 7.40 app as it brings super exciting features. Hold your patience and keep reading to know its latest features and functionings.

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s come straight to the topic. Fouad Mokdad is the developer for the latest system of MOD. The FM whatsapp allows you to get access to running multiple accounts at the same time. Since there is another chance of dealing with a second whatsapp account, a dual SIM android phone is a must. You must be using the GB mods or whatsapp plus for android. But the FM whatsapp has come up with some really jaw-dropping features. Have a look at its exciting features.

We have added one click download link of FM Whatsapp Apk in this post. Just Hit the Download button and enjoy its amazing and unique features.

Version Information of FM Whatsapp 

  • Application Name : FM Whatsapp
  • Version : 6.90 [ Latest Version ]
  • Size : 23 MB
  • Android Req. : 4.0 +
  • Developers : Fouad MODS
  • Downloads : 1 Million +
  • Last Updated : 20th March 2018

How To Install FM Whatsapp in your Phone ?

Follow below mentioned steps to download FM Whatsapp apk in your device. Read each and every step carefully. Here we go with the installation guide of FM Whatsapp :

  • First Of All, Click Here to Download FM Whatsapp Apk
  • Make sure to tick the “Unknown Sources” option available there
  • Next install the app and open it in your phone
  • Register on FM Whatsapp using your mobile number
  • Complete the verification process using OTP [ One Time Password ]
  • Next hit the submit button
  • Voila !! You are DONE !!
  • Enjoy 🙂

Features of FM whatsapp

It modifies themes and privacy. Your whatsapp account now is much more secured.

Facilitates both video and audio calling with the help of new UI.
If you do not want to expose your activities in whatsapp to your fellow friends, you can hide your last seen data.
For noticing whether your friend is online or when he or she has come online last, you no longer need to open the chat box. Whether your friend is online or when he has checked into whatsapp last appears on the main screen now.

  • You can design your whatsapp screen with more than 100 themes available in the theme store.
  • More than 30 ticks and bubbles styles are available.
  • Media preview need not be loaded any more.
  • Now, video size extends to 1 GB from 32 MB.
  • The status field enlarges to 250 characters. You can now add longer status and express your thought of mind.
  • If you like your friend’s status, simply click and copy it. It will be stored automatically.
  • You can change app launcher and notification icon.
  • Express yourself with larger emojis and so much more!

What’s new in the FM WHATSAPP latest version of 7.40?

  • Decorate your home screen background of whatsapp with any image you choose to.
  • Update the original version of whatsapp 2.18.65 directly from the play store.
  • Preview and check various styles before applying.
  • You can pick out and place any picture from your phone’s gallery right next to all or fast or last bubble.
  • If you want to change color options, forward icon, mention the color you want and play the voice note.
  • A new addition to the latest updated version is the call blocker. If you see anyone disturbing you, immediately block him or her. Go to ‘calls’ option. Click on the ‘menu’ and finally block.
  • With the Fm widget, the facilities of putting last seen on or off, keeping messages unread, and many more can be done.
  • To set privacy settings, go to ‘YoMods’ and then click on to ‘privacy’. Select ‘custom privacy’ to make necessary changes.

FM Whatsapp Themes Pack

There are FM theme store designs and improvements. After coming to know what new features have been generated recently in the new Whatsapp version that got initiated from 12th of March, you must be quite keen to download it. Update your whatsapp account soon and enjoy FM whatsapp.

You will be stuffed with tons of amazing FM Whatsapp theme in the latest version. With the help of these themes you can easily make your whatsapp user interface more beautiful.

Final Words :

Finally we came to an end to this informative post on FM Whatsapp apk. We have provided almost each and every detail regarding this amazing FM Whatsapp apk. Must download FM Whatsapp apk from our download link as our link is free from viruses and malware. Feel free to download the Fmwhatsapp !

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