Top 5 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in 2018

Are you searching for best loading washing machine, fully automatic top loading washing machine in 2018, top loading washing machine, top load automatic washing machine, top 10 washing machine in 2018 ? Then this post is specially made for you. Here in this post we have added list of top 5 best fully automatic washing machine.

Washing Machines in 2018

Washing Machines

Looking for best fully automatic washing machines in india ? Landed at right place ! We are sharing a big list of top loading washing machine in this article. Techonlogy has moved to every field. Previously peoples uses their hands to wash clothes. Nowadays, Electrical Washing machines are used which saves our time and also we don’t have to do more hardwork.

Want to buy a budget washing machine under 20000 or want to replace your old washing machine ? Confused about which one you should buy ! Now you not need to worry about these things as after reading this post all your queries and confusion will fade away. After research of more than 10 days, we came across a list of best washing machine in india top load. 

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This time you have landed at right place ! We have addded the top 5 best washing machine in india for all of our readers. I have seen many of the sites have added Top 10 best washing machine or Top 20 Best Washing Machine in 2018. But their list is not according to the efficiency and quality. These sites have made their list according to high price as their main motive is to earn huge amount from affiliate. Few sites have just posted the article to play affiliate marketing with their visitors. But Here are TecH MSDWe are sharing unbiased review of best top loading washing machine with all our lovely readers.

Washing machine is an essential appliances which you will find in every house. Every housewife or Moms need few application for their ease of work. Washing Machines are placed on the top of the list just because of its easiness to work. One who have washed the clothes using hands know the importance of washing machine. Evolution of washing machine makes the human life much easier.

It’s not an easy task to choose the best washing machine for home. No worries guys as we are sharing top 5 best fully automatic washing machine list in this post. If you are hurry or don’t want to read the introductory part then you can easily skip these para and directly move on to the main list.

There are different category of washing machines too. Let me share all the category of top loading washing machines. This will make it easy for you to choose the best one which suits your budget and preferences. As i have said earlier that, ” TecH MSD is one stop destination for unbiased review of Gadgets so we are not doing any brand endrossment “. We are sharing the perfect review of top loading washing machines in india ( 2018 )

Different Category of washing machine 

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  • lg washing machine top load
  • top 10 load washing machines in india 2018
  • best fully automatic front loading washing machine in india
  • best top loading semi automatic washing machine in india
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I know all of us want a automatic washing machine for our house. Isn’t it ! So Friends In this post we are mainly focusing on Best Full Automatic Washing in 2018. Also we have added Budget Washing Machine Under 10,000. Let’s have a look at our list of top loading washing machine in india.

Top 5 Best Washing Machine in India – 2018

Here we are presenting the top 5 best fully automatic washing machine in India. Must read all pros and cons of washing machine in 2018 before purchasing it :-

  • IFB TL-RDW 6.5Kg
  • Haier HWM58-020 5.8Kg
  • LG T7208TDDLM 6.2Kg


If you are looking for light weight and easily movable washing machine then we must recommend you to go with this machine. Everyone has different choice and preference at the time of choosing any product. We have kept a standard thinking at the time of listing these washing machines. Lets move on to this washing machine features.

Features :

1. This washing machine comes with the capacity of 7kg

2. Loaded with top class sensors for efficient performance

3. Best part is that it requires limited amount of water and detergent for its operations. You Don’t have to spend much amount in detergent and washing powder stuffs

4. Inbuilt with proper movement for proper mixing of detergent with the clothes

5. This washing machine is 360 degree rotatable robot which provide us with the feature of complete mixing of detergent and water

6. When it comes to warranty, you will get 2 year warranty with this appliance

7. Holds the top position in budget washing machines



If you are Samsung lover then this washing machine fits best under your preferences. This washing machine is having a capacity of 6.5 KG with fully automatic loading process. Read its features to know more about this amazing appliance.

Features :

1. Having Capacity of 6.5 kg little bit less than First one in our list

2. Loaded with wobble pulsulators for efficient performance

3. Inbuilt with multidirectional functioning, left you with proper neat and clean clothes

4. Attached with Air Drying System which lets you to dry your clothes within few minutes

5. Loaded with top sensors like LED indicators which indicates the completion of task

6. Inbuilt Diamond Drum with this model

7. Loaded with Filters to remove waste parts during cleaning process

8. Comes with 2 Year warranty on product and motor too


#3 IFB TL-RDW 6.5Kg

Here comes the third washing machine in our list. This Washing Machine holds the top position in category of top loading washing machine in India. Without wasting time lets move on to its features which help you in comparing all the machines.

Features :

1. IFB brand is playing a tough competition in washing machine industry by producing top quality fully automatic washing machine

2. Loading capacity of 6.5 Kg

3. Provide you with the feature of 8 levels water level

4. Not only this you will be stuffed with 8 wash programs too

5. Premium sensors are added in this washing machine which performs all task on their own

6. Comes in the list of 3D washing machine system just because of its 360 Degree rotation functioning

7. Working based on smart web technology

8. Metallic body and rust free body

9. Comes with 2 Year warranty


#4 Haier HWM58-020 5.8Kg

We have listed the washing machine according to their efficiency and quality. Haier holds fourth Position in our list. You will get loading capacity of 5.8 kg in this model. Here are some of its features. Lets have a look at them..!

Features : 

1. Haier serves their customers with best quality products

2. Loading capacity of 5.8 Kg in a one run

3. Comes with 6 washing programs for efficient cleaning of clothes

4. Tons of sensors are added by Haier for effective washing

5. Inbuilt Double level spin tub for proper mixing of detergents

6. Comes with warranty of 2 Years. Also, 5 Year warranty on motor


#5 LG T7208TDDLM 6.2Kg

LG ( Lifes Good ) is one of the Oldest and renowned brand in Gadgets world. LG has spread his hands in all fields whether it is television or smartphone. Not only this LG has also ruled the washing machine club. Here we are presenting you the best top loading washing machine from LG brand. Read few of its amazing features..!

Features : 

1. Loading Capacity Of 6.2 kg efficient for a single family clothes

2. Best feature of this washing machine is of Auto start, which provide you with the feature to run the machine automatically whenever there is a power cut

3. Automatic Washing Sensors are added in this model

4. Comes with 8 levels washing programs for efficient washing of clothes

5. Very quick rinse time

6. Quick wash feature is loaded in this model

7. Budget Oriented Washing Machine

8. Comes with 2 year Warranty


Final Words 

That’s all for this informative post on best washing machine in India. We have added the top 5 best top loading washing machine in 2018. Hope this post will help you to choose the Best Washing Machine for your home.

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