Interesting facts about proteins you should know

As all of us know that it is impossible for living beings to survive without protein. What happens when we include too much or too little of protein in our diet? There are abundant amazing facts about proteins which we all should know for a healthy and tasty diet plan. Before moving into the interesting facts about proteins, let us have a glance at them, their sources and its functions.

Proteins are the major building blocks of our life which are composed of many smaller units of amino acids. They play myriad functions in our body by regenerating and creating DNA molecules, regulating of our body cells, tissues, and organs. They are the major source of energy which helps in the locomotion by contracting muscles and provide strength to our body. Apart from these functions, they are also involved in digestion, synthesizing hormones, producing enzymes, etc. Best sources of protein are almonds, oats, peanut, milk, eggs, seafood, pulses, chicken, beans, cottage cheese and yogurt.

Protein deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t receive the required amount of protein through diet and it leads to a variety of health problems including weight loss, kwashiorkor, marasmus, etc.

Interesting facts about proteins

  • The term protein is derived from the Greek word meaning primary or holding the first position.
  • Researchers have found that a human body has about 100,000 different types of protein.
  • Egg protein has the highest quantity of protein.
  • Proteins are the macromolecules which provide 5 to 6 calories per gram.
  • In the human digestive system, pepsin – the digestive enzymes break down proteins into simpler substances which are stored in the form of energy for the further metabolism.
  • Poor protein diet affects the entire body, including heart, bone and joints, red blood cells, hormones, Human nervous system, immune system, enzymes, and muscles.
  • Protein is not just for muscle and bodybuilding it also helps in maintaining healthy brain and it is a good supplement for those who are under stress.
  • It is also essential for a glowing skin, healthy hair and nails.
  • Proteins are a good dietary supplement for those who are trying to lose weight as it helps in increasing the body metabolism, stabilizing the blood sugar levels and avoid overeating by keeping the stomach full for longer time.
  • Too much is too bad. Protein is essential for our body only up to certain quantities. The intake of more protein leads to weight gain as excess protein is turned into fat and also results in liver and kidney disorders.

Thus, we have grabbed a few interesting facts about proteins. To know more facts on proteins, check out this YouTube channel-

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