Google comes with “Family group” for sharing photos calender and YouTube TV.

Over the years, Google has added several useful family sharing features to its existing services so as to make it easy for all users to share their contents with their near and dear ones. The existing features already allows the users to share different contents such as music from google Play but now it has become more easy for YouTube TV, Calendar and Photos.

Family Group Feature

Google with Family story feature

Google family story feature

Google has launched a new “Family Group” that makes sharing even easier than before and includes support for Google Keep, Google Photos, Google Calendar and YouTube TV as well. A Family Group supports up to a total of 6 people with a person who will be designated as the “Manager”.

The “Manager” will be able to create and manage accounts for users under the age of 13, set the payment methods and decide the Google services that the family members can have access to. Those assigned the “Parent” account can approve the requests for Play purchase and also change other content restriction settings.

YouTube TV

Google’s new Family Group allows sharing of benefits of the TV streaming service up to six people. These services include their own cloud DVR and have access to different channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and other channels, all these just at a standard price of $35 per month.

Google Calendar

The new Family Group feature will also be added to the Google Calendar which ensures that users will benefit from the advantages of having a shared family calendar and thus making it quite easy to keep a track of the group activities such as soccer games, reunions or movie nights.

Shared Google Calendars are not something that is new but with the Family Group in place, it will just be for family members. Any outside member cannot be invited to the calendar itself, though any contacts outside of the family list can still be invited to the events.Google Photos makes it easier to share photos with the group directly, instead of having to send them individually.

Google Keep

The Family Group option is also included in Google Keep that allows users to share lists, notes and reminders with their family members. In short, Google Photos enables the family members to send videos and photos among themselves in just a few taps away.

Any member of the family can change and update a note that is saved to the service in real- time so that updating a to- do- list can be made quick and easy. Anything that is shared between a family group will have a family group icon next to it, thus making it obvious what’s a group project.

To set up a Family Group, you have to head to the Google Family Page where you might have already set a family. If not, you will have to create and manage one from YouTube TV of Google Play Family Library. Photos and Google Keep are included by default but nothing is automatically shared.

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