Nokia 8 with android to be released in June

Nokia 8 with android to be released in June:

nokia 8 android phone

nokia 8 android phone

Before the Androids and iPhones took over the smartphone world, there was only Nokia dominating the not so smart Mobile phones that existed then. But they made a decision that could go down in history as one of the worst decisions mate by a huge company. They sold themselves to Microsoft which made Windows Phones and they tried to be the third leading Mobile OS but in vain. Microsoft tried multiple times with number of revamps of Windows Phone with Nokia’s hardware but failed all the times. They haven’t released a single phone in about two years now.

That is why, with the announcement of the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 8, everyone is thrilled to see the return of the brand to the mobile space.Of all the upcoming Nokia models, the Nokia 8 is the one that most in the technology world are very excited about. Although the company has not given any official details about the phone yet, technology enthusiasts are already making speculations about its possible specs and features.

They want to restore the former glory of the Nokia brand, and it’s doing so with the help of the most popular OS,Android. The company pleasantly surprised the audience at MWC earlier this year, when it took the wraps off of three interesting Nokia smartphones, all running an almost pure version of Android. None of them, however, were iPhone “killers,” or high-end devices that would compete against the best iPhones and Android handsets present currently.

Since then, multiple leaks detailed a pair of unannounced Nokia devices that should be launched later this year to take on the likes of iPhone and Galaxy S8, including the Nokia 9 and Nokia 8. While we did not see images of these flagship handsets, a video posted on Vimeo shows one of them for the first time.

Discovered by well-known leaker Evan Blass, the video has been pulled from Vimeo. HMD execs probably realized the mistake and took instant action.It’s just some 40-seconds long, but that’s enough for anyone familiar with HMD’s design for the new Nokia to realize that only three out of the four handsets shown in the clip may be official.

Is the leaked image Nokia 8 or 9?

Is it the Nokia 9 or the Nokia 8? NokiaPowerUser, which posted leaks about the two unannounced Nokia handset in the recent past, says the handset is the Nokia 8.

The tech site also notes that the phone next to it isn’t the Nokia 6 as you’d think, but the Nokia 7, as it has a different flash position. The Nokia 7 isn’t official either.

The other two handsets in the image are the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 that Nokia already unveiled.

The company is expected to launch up to seven handsets this year, including the ones that are already official — if we count the new Nokia 3310, then we already have four of them. That leaves the Nokia 7, Nokia 8, and Nokia 9 to be unveiled at some point this year which is great.

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