How to Buy Pole Saws?

If you are planning to buy a pole saw to cut those high-raised branches on your yard, then today we present you with some tips to be considered while considering buying a pole saw for yourself in 2017.

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Know the type of Pole Saws in 2017?

 Before buying a pole saw, there are several points to consider in order to be sure that you are indeed buying the pole saw for your money that fits all your requirements. However, the first point to note is on which type of pole saw you should actually go with. Below are some of the most commonly used types of pole saws in 2017.

Pole Saws that are Gas Powered

As any other machine that is powered by petroleum fuel, pole saws out there that are gas saws are normally chosen if you require maximum cutting power. Pole saws that run on gas offers the best power and performance compared to any other type of pole saws in regular use today.

However, gas powered pole saws tend to be heavier (which is expected) than its electric counterparts, however, they ensure you a easy cutting experience of even the strongest tree branches while steadily staying on the ground.

Pole Saws that are Cordless

The problem with corded pole saws is that while you move around any tree or branch while cutting, the cord gets tangled around the tree, which later becomes a mess to untangle. Well, with cordless pole saws, this major issue is resolved and you can comfortably and easily move around a tree without worrying about tangled cords while cutting its branches.

Most of the cordless pole saws out there comes powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery, which is highly recommend that their Ni-Cad powered alternatives as Li-ion batteries offer longer shelf life and high performance.

Moreover, the maintenance costs on cordless pole saws are minimal compared to the other gas powered pole saws out there.

Pole Saws that are Electrically Powered

Electrically powered pole saws are among the most popular pole saws out there as it is made for small-scale trimmings in your backyard where much power output is not required. Electric pole saws are among the lightest pole saws in terms of weight, which adds to the functionality of carrying it around without worrying about its weight.

The main disadvantage of an electric pole saw is that as it needs to stay connected to an electric source, you cannot trim far away from the electric source as most electric pole saws have a maximum power cord length of around 100 feet. But the main advantage is that among all three, electric pole saws require the least maintenance.

How to buy best pole saw in 2017?

Now as you know the different types of pole saws that are available currently, here are some additional tips so as to help you buy the best pole saw in 2017 as per your needs.

  1. Always opt for lightweight pole saws as they offer maximum comfort while cutting for a longer while.
  2. Between electric pole saws, gas pole saws and cordless pole saws, always pick the pole saw as per your requirements only.
  3. To make sure that you buy the best pole saw out there, do check that the pole saw you are about to buy offers maximum acceleration and power than other pole saws in its category and price range.
  4. Pole saws with self-oiling mechanisms are highly recommended as they take away the tension of regularly oiling the chain of the pole saw.
  5. Make sure that the pole saw you are about to choose have a pole height that fits your requirement and reaches even the highest branches comfortably of trees which you wish to cut.

Final Words

Hope the above article helped you to buy a pole saw in 2017. In case you have recently bought a pole saw, then do share the review of your specific pole saw model to help others reading this article.

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