Three Creative SWOT Analysis Template Example/PPT Ideas

In a formal environment when you are presenting your ideas through a presentation, then your approach is very important. Thus in a business strategy or marketing type presentation, there is usage of SWOT Analysis Template PPT. SWOT is a useful procedural framework to analyse strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in a business strategy presentation. Its analysis helps the business planners to judge the feasibility of a given set of objective to be attained via a suggested strategy. Most of the SWOT Analysis templates look dull and boring, so the presentation is knowledgeable but not very interesting. Thus to explore different ideas as to how a creative SWOT Analysis Template PPT can be created you can use various ways as will be discussed.

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Template PPT: How To Create

The SmartArt tool in Microsoft PowerPoint provides the layouts that are used to create a SWOT template. So follow the given procedure on your menu bar: Insert-> SmartArt-> Matrix-> Grid Matrix or Basic Matrix.


After that add the text in your template in a relevant manner and your SWOT template is ready.

Creative SWOT Analysis Templates PPT 

Now that you have learnt how to create a simple SWOT template, let us move on to the creative ones which will give your presentation an interesting look. Three such swot analysis example are discussed below:

    • Zoom-In-Zoom-Out SWOT Analysis Template
    • Conceptual SWOT Analysis Template
    • SWOT Analysis in 3D Template

Zoom-In-Zoom-Out SWOT Analysis Template:

All SWOT Analysis presentations do not involve collating and generalising information in one slide. More space is needed for the four quadrants of SWOT Analysis at times. The four quadrants are Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In such cases, the common Basic Matrix Technique is inadequate. One creative alternative to that may be Zoom-In-Zoom-Out SWOT Analysis Template PPT. This template sets an overall context for the presentation and the shape of the template interconnects the strategies suggested. Using this template you can make this slide a guide for other slides. This is because the format allows adequate spacing for each quadrant and proves to be quite useful when an in depth analysis of any strategy is required. So once the four quadrants are analysed superficially using Zoom In, the first slide can be referred to again using Zoom Out for in depth study.

Conceptual SWOT Analysis Template

In a Conceptual SWOT Analysis Template PPT, the slide can be made more interesting and relevant by the use of icons and images. A picture speaks louder than words. So rather than plain written text, this template will use images to add a depth to the context of your presentation. The icons and images can be used according to the users choice so they are bound to be accurate and relevant. This will be advantageous to your presentation.


SWOT Analysis in 3D Template

Add a different spark to your slide by using SWOT Analysis Template PPT in 3D. 3D templates are attractive to look at and adds an interesting factor to your presentation. When you are presenting before an audience or it is a Brand or Marketing Presentation the 3D Template of SWOT Analysis comes handy as it reaches out to the audience and keeps them attentive when they see a 3D presentation. SWOT Analysis 3D template also has the advantage of reflecting the strategy you suggest in a very clear manner.

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