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Gap analysis refers to the comparisons that are drawn between two performance factors. These can be past and present performance, potential and actual performance and so on. These templates are used mostly by organizations which want to evaluate their company’s performance. Such a gap analysis can yield important insights to the company’s management about the organization’s performance. It’s not just businesses – even schools, communities, charities and many other organizations use gap analysis as a method to understand the difference between two states.

What Kind Of Template Is Used?

Usually, gap analysis templates are created using MS Excel; they are Excel flowcharts or worksheets. Of course, with Excel, one can generate different kinds of charts to get dynamic, variegated views of the analysis factors. MS Excel is easy to manipulate, so you can expand your fields as far or as wide as you want, to enter as much information as you want. Note that depending on your organization’s needs, you may need to make a number of tweaks to your gap analysis template.

What Every Gap Analysis Template Should Have

Every gap analysis template should have the following necessary components:

  • Section for the gap analysis overview; there should be enough room here to describe the purpose of the gap analysis and its objectives. Also, the scope of the gap analysis, along with assumptions made should be placed here.
  • Next, provide a space to enter the analysis details. Mention the gap you’ve identified, the present state and the industry’s expectations. For example: Gap 1:_____ Current State:_____ Desired State:_____ Closing the Gap:______

Finally, you need to put in your recommendations and conclusions. This is the part most of the management folks will be interested in. This is also where you indicate who’ll be managing what tasks with regard to filling the gap in the gap analysis template.

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