How To Create Hindi Shayari On iPhone

What do you do when you’re unable to say what’s on your mind, especially to someone you love? What do you do when your emotions are too deep to be expressed with mere everyday words? You resort to poetry. That’s what people have done for centuries. Poetry is an elevated form of speech that uses words we don’t always use in our daily talk. Poetry is elegant, pristine and unimaginably poignant. Some people can just pick up their pens and write the most beautiful Hindi shayari ever. Not all of us are born with such talent. What do we do then?

It’s As Simple As This

Download a Hindi shayari in Hindi app for your iPhone and soon you’ll be quoting your own shayari to friends. You’ll impress them no end with your fancy Urdu phrases, getting repeated requests to quote more shayari! Even if you are unable to express yourself in romantic situations, you can use shayari to say what you feel, in a way that’s beautiful. You can write to your loved one, including a beautiful quote from your personal collection of quotes from your shayari app. You can touch people’s hearts with these quotes, and become quite popular. Wouldn’t you like that?

How To Go About It

Several independent app developers have created Hindi shayari apps for iPhone. Here’s a partial list of these, along with a few words of description for each app:

  • Shero-O-Shayari by Spice Digital Ltd

Here’s an app that not only lets you generate the kind of Hindi shayari quotes that can melt a lover’s heart, but also can be shared over social media immediately! All you do is use this app to create your beautiful shayari. Then just click a few buttons to send your quotes for free, through the app itself, to others via SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, FaceBook and other apps. This app comes with many ready quotes, poetic words, synonyms and a collection of phrases that can be plugged into your creation. This app contains various shayari categories – sharabi, Bollywood, love, friends, birthday, sad, mother, Punjabi, patriotic, funny and others.

  • Hindi Shayari by Puja Aggarwal

This is another cute app that you can use to create thoughts from the heart, in Hindi. Express your love through shayari that you create using this app. This app provides multiple shayari categories as well, so you can whip up the right words no matter what the occasion. There are shayari quotes for birthdays, friendship, Diwali, the pain of separation and more. Again, you can SMS your shayari directly from the app to your friends.

Other Options

There are several other Hindi shayari apps out there. The following list offers you a few options that you can try to start spewing your own shayari:

  • HindiShayariSMS
  • HindiShayari by Hindi Pride
  • Shero-O-Shayari
  • SmsTab.CoM

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