Wedding Menu Templates Free Download

Don’t we all want to execute the perfectly planned wedding? The wedding lunch or dinner is a big part of the wedding. Whether you’re planning a wedding buffet or a sit down 4 or 7 course dinner, you’ll need a neat wedding menu. Some people actually include the wedding menu as part of the wedding invitation! It’s a matter of prestige to include the name of the chef, if you’re hiring a specialty chef for the occasion.

What To Do With A Wedding Menu Template?

You use a wedding menu template to create your wedding reception dinner’s menu. All you do is download a ready-made template and use it to create your own menu. Templates come in several sizes, and can be printed on standard letter-size paper. Open the menu template you’ve downloaded put in your menu details and print the menu on your fine printer. All that’s left is to cut and trim the sheets with attractive border scissors and you’re done.

Save Money And Time

These templates can save you a great deal of money and time. If you were to get them printed outside, you’d be paying a bomb, and wasting a lot of time going up and back with edits and corrections. Most wedding menu templates can be found as MS Word docs. Some are in Corel Draw or other formats. Choose the one you’re familiar with. You can change the colors, fonts and borders and add your own pictures or artwork. In fact, if you download the wedding menu templates that are two per page, you can cut the page and save on printing ink and paper as well.

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