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Writing a screenplay from scratch is taxing enough; why bother to create a template on your own as well? How about using an existing screenplay template, that already has everything defined in it? If you write a lot of screenplays, you probably have your own templates squared away. If you’re new to this, perhaps you would like to start with a ready made template.

There Are Many Advantages To This

Creating a document template and standardizing everything takes time. A ready made screenplay template has the following all in place for you:

  • Headers and footers
  • Column for your address on the first page
  • Column for the title, reference and subtext on the first page
  • Defined fonts for headers, body and special quotes
  • Defined printing margins

Good-quality screenplay templates will take care of several other things you might need, as well. They are developed by people who are experienced in writing screenplays. You can trust these templates to see you through your scripting tasks.

So Go Ahead And Customize It!

All you have to do now is customize the screenplay template with your screenplay’s title, and other details. Make other small tweaks to fit your needs. Print out a couple of pages to ensure the print margins and setup are the way you want them for your script. Once you’re sure, go ahead and use the template to start writing your script. Format your script using the style sheet that’s already been defined for you. You’ll find that when you use a ready made template, you don’t have to bother worrying about fixing template errors all the time. You can be free to focus on what you really want to focus on – your script. Won’t using a screenplay template save you a whole bunch of time? Yes it will.

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