Lesson Plan Templates For Elementary Teachers

So you’re an elementary class teacher; you’re probably taking classes for several batches of students. How do you come up with lesson plans for each class? Some schools insist that lesson plans be submitted on a weekly basis. That makes it even more pertinent to for a teacher to come up with a unique way of preparing lesson plans. It makes sense therefore to use lesson plan templates that have been derived after talking to teachers with successful practices and years of experience.

Using Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson plan templates help you to organize your lessons by days, weeks or months, according to your convenience and what’s expected of you. You can use these templates as a base to quickly come up with quizzes, essential questions, warm-up sessions, objectives and others for your class. You can also create lesson plan units of individual lessons for a longer period, say, a quarter. Using these templates will help you to share your lessons with a sub teacher, or even put them as references for others to use.

What To Include

While creating lesson plan templates, be sure to include an instructional plan, student performance tasks, and a results section. It’s a good idea to create a main template for the entire month and then use it to create day-wise breakups. This will work out easier for you. You can create these templates using MS Word or any other tool that others in the school also use. This is so that others can also print out your templates and use them to plan their lessons if need be.

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