Free Agenda Templates 2015

When it comes to repetitive tasks such as writing up meeting agendas, it is useful to keep free agenda templates handy and just fill them out. The idea is to spend more time on the issues to discuss at the meeting than on writing the agenda. Templates make this job more efficient and professional, and save much time for those who are in charge of the meeting agendas.

Save Time And Be Efficient with Free Agenda Templates

When you create a free agenda template and keep it ready for meetings, you know all you have to do is edit your template and you’re good to go. If another department wants to use the agenda template, all they have to do is modify some details and they’re good to go.

When you’re ready to notify members of a meeting, just fill out your free agenda templates. Make sure you include the following in the template:

  • Time, place and date of the meeting
  • List of people invited
  • Time allotted for the meeting
  • Name of the meeting facilitator
  • Name of the substitute facilitator, if the main person is unable to make it
  • Name of the conference room, hotel or building where the meeting is to take place
  • Meeting goals
  • List of topics to be discussed

Once the meeting has taken place, you can modify the agenda to include the following information:

  • Meeting Goals and actions against them
  • Assignments and the people to whom they’ve been handed
  • Dates and deadlines for actions
  • Next meeting’s date and actions for review by then

The thing here is that your free agenda template becomes your minutes of meeting template as well. This way, you don’t have to maintain multiple copies of your communication. A single agenda file will do, and a great deal of your precious time will be saved by using free agenda templates.

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