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Vector is another Android game which has created quite a ripple among the players. The gamers who have played this once find it quite addictive and according to them you will find it hard to stay away from this game. Every time you get some break from your work you will start playing the game and mainly due to the graphics quality and the acrobats that the runner can perform. The storyline of this game is quite interesting. It is set up in the background of the time when freedom is far from reality. People are being brought down by the big bad system and there is no individuality left in anybody. The race starts from here, which shows the runner break all the rule and sets himself free of all these but in order to get pass these norms he has to run for his life.On the way runner uses urban Ninja techniques to get away from this Big Brother who is after him. You will be playing the role of this free-runner in this game which is inspired by the practices of Parkour.  This game is available in the Google Play Store but if you want Vector for PC download then also you will be able to do that now with the help of Android emulator.

vector for PC download

Vector for computer free

Nowadays people love to have all the Android games on their PC so that they can enjoy the games while working. IN some cases it also happens that people who don’t have Android phones feels left out when their friends, discuss certain android games and at which level they are so for all these people now all the Android games can be downloaded on the PC easily. The same goes with this game also if you want to get the Vector for computer free then you will be able to achieve that very easily. You don’t need to pay anything to play the game on your PC.

Features of Vector for PC game

This arcade gameplay is developed by Nekki. This game offers you intuitive controls which are going to please the players. Though we have played different endless running game, but this one is different from all of them. While running you have to perform stunts to escape from the hands of Big Brother so that he doesn’t get hold of you and take you back to the life of a prisoner. The game is filled with several other features like:

–          The game offers you moves like Parkour and the animation is amazing

–          You will be getting 20 levels for free of cost, but in order to get other levels you have to pay

–          You will be able to understand the game easily but it will take time to become an expert in this game

–          Quite addictive due to the sound effects that it provides

–          There are specific stunts to get pass the obstacles so you see, you just cannot perform any stunt instead you have to know which stunt to perform at what time

–          It is a 2D game, but with high quality graphics it will definitely hold your attention throughout the game

–          Every level has different tricks that you will have to unlock first and then use it in order to earn cash or coins

With so many features you will definitely want Vector for PC download and here we will be discussing how to get it on your computer.

Vector for PC download

With the help of the free Android emulator, you will be able to get the game on your PC for free. It involves some easy steps and you will be done with the process of downloading Vector for computer free. You will get the same experience as that of a Smartphone user as the quality remains almost the same when you play the game on your PC. So let’s not delay the process and get into the details so that we can complete the downloading –

–          Visit the official website of BlueStacks and download the Android emulator for free

–          Double-click on it to start the installation process

–          Follow the instructions on the screen to successfully complete the installation process

–          Once BlueStacks in installed on your PC you will be able to use it

–          Open the BlueStacks now and look for the search field

–          Type in the name of the game Vector in the search box

–          It will bring up the game, you will have to select it and then click on the install button

–          The game will start downloading and once it is completed the installation process will get started automatically

Now you will have the game on your PC ready to be played when the installation is completed.

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