How To Increase YouTube Buffering Speed Without Any Software?

When you are trying to watch some video online on YouTube then you might have faced buffering problem, but that is mainly due to slow internet connection. But if you want to increase the speed of the internet that means going for an expensive package which is not possible for you! So does this mean the end of the world? No, as the popular saying goes, where there is a will there is a way so you will be able to get the speed of YouTube increased and that too without any software. Do you want to know how to increase YouTube buffering speed? Then read on as you will get our question answered on this platform in easy and simple language so that you don’t find it difficult to carry on the process.

How To Increase YouTube Buffering Speed Without Any Software

How to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed

YouTube is one place where you will get any kind of video starting from study tutorial to entertainment and that too in any language. Therefore, it becomes very important that the buffering speed of YouTube has been always high, so that nobody faces any problem in viewing their programs online. But as we all know if we have a slow internet connection, then YouTube will not perform as we would like it to perform. Here YouTube has understood the problem of the internet users with low-bandwidth connection and have come up with a service called the YouTube Feather Beta. The service is in Beta therefore it will have some limitations too, and here is what this service cannot do at this point of time –

  • You won’t get any Like or Dislike options
  • The user’s won’t be able to make any comment on the videos that they watched
  • Not more than 5 suggested or related videos will be made available in the list as of now

If you are okay with these limitations, then here is how to increase YouTube buffering speed step by step –

  • You have to visit the official website of YouTube Feather Beta
  • Click on the link which says Join YouTube Feather Beta
  • Now you can search easily and watch the videos of your choice

Increase Buffering Speed through a PC

You can increase the speed of the buffering of your PC as well and for that you have to follow the steps that have been explained below –

  • First, you have to pull up the Run window and for that you can either press Windows key and R key together or you can simply go to start menu and open run commander from there
  • Enter system.ini in the blank space and hit enter
  • You will get a notepad file with codes written in it
  • You will have to paste the code that is mentioned below in that notepad file without deleting anything

Page buffer=1000000Tbps










  • Now make sure that you have saved this file
  • Once you have saved this file, go ahead and restart the PC

You will now be able to enjoy the increased speed on YouTube without any problem. Now it doesn’t matter whether your bandwidth is slow or not because you have made the necessary adjustments to make the YouTube buffering faster. Getting confused with the codes and want to know how to increase YouTube buffering speed in a different way, and then just read on because here is another process through which you will be able to increase the buffering of YouTube.

Increasing Speed-Using Open Dns Server

Here is another method that you can follow to increase the speed of YouTube buffering, and that is through the Open Dns Server. Want to know more about how to increase YouTube buffering speed, then simply read on and you will get your queries answered –

  • You have to open up the control panel of our Personal Computer
  • Then you have to click on Network Connections
  • Now you select the Network and sharing center
  • Here you have to look for Click on change adapter settings and click it
  • Then make sure you choose the internet connection and right click to open up the Properties
  • You have to double-click on (TCP / IPv4) Protocol Version4 of Internet
  • Now your work is to enter the Alternate DNS and Preferred DNS that are mentioned below in the box
  • Alternate DNS server –
  • Preferred DNS server –

Once you are done with the settings then it would be better if you restart your PC. It will enable you to enjoy the fast buffering of YouTube videos without getting any software downloaded.

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