Download Whatsapp for PC (Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XP)

If you are a smartphone user then you know everything about WhatsApp by now and it is for sure that you have an account too. But there are people who don’t know all about WhatsApp because they still do not fall in the category of smartphone users. This instant messenger has defined the way we communicate and it has erased all borders. You can easily chat with friends who are there in different locations all across the globe. Now you don’t have to spend huge amount on the calling cards or incur those international SMS charges also. There are users who get connected to WhatsApp the very moment they wake up and are active all through the day. They only log off just before they are off to sleep. You can make use of this app for free for one year and after that you will have to pay Rs. 55 a year. Overall, 300 million users are actively communicating through WhatsApp worldwide and in India also it has spread like a wildfire as everybody who is using a smartphone is on WhatsApp.

Download Whatsapp for PC

Features of WhatsApp

There are valid reasons for the popularity of this amazing messenger app as it not only have made the communication easy, but also has cut down on the charges that the users had to incur to carry out the long distance conversation. Now with the help of WhatsApp people find it easier to stay connected with each other irrespective of their geographical location.

  • It is free of cost for one year
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers messages in real time all across the globe
  • Registering in the app is easy and uncomplicated
  • No advertisement is there to disturb you while you are communicating
  • Unlimited message can be exchanged for free
  • Enjoy group chat and it is easy to form your own group
  • Almost 50 people can be added in each group
  • Videos and other multimedia files can be exchanged too
  • Location can be easily shared with your friends
  • You can also share chats history and wallpaper with élan

Download Whatsapp for PC Windows 7/8/XP

Everybody wants this app on their PC now as they feel it will be much more easier for them to communicate while working. Sometimes it becomes a bit too difficult to type in a long message in that touchscreen of your smartphone. If you are using WhatsApp on your PC, then you will easily type in anything they want swiftly. So everybody starting from people who have been using WhatsApp with their smartphone device to people who do not have smartphones want to download WhatsApp for PC. You will be able to download this app on your PC through two different processes, one is by downloading the Android emulator BlueStacks on your PC and the other one is by using Wassapp.

Download WhatsApp using BlueStacks

If you want to have WhatsApp on your PC, then make sure your internet connection is working fine because if the speed of your internet is slow then it will take a long time to download. Now follow the steps explained below –

  • Download the BlueStacks emulator from the official website
  • Double-click on it to start the installation process
  • Make sure you follow the instructions on screen to successfully complete the installation process
  • Now open BlueStacks and locate the search field
  • Enter the name of the app WhatsApp in the search box
  • When the result comes up. Select the app
  • You will come across the install button, click on it to download the app
  • Once the download is complete, it will automatically start installing the app
  • When the installation is complete you will have the app ready to use on your PC

Download through Wassapp

Wassapp is the software which once downloaded in your PC will start working just like WhatsApp on your PC. This one is the unofficial version that you can use if you want WhatsApp for PC and most importantly for Window’s PC. You will not get virus affected if you download this software. Moreover, this is touted as the smallest app player in regards to its size that is available now in the internet and the good news is that it doesn’t have system requirement. Now let’s get started with the process –

  •  First thing first so download Wassapp
  • Wait for the download process to be completed first
  • Now double-click on it to start the installation process
  • Once the installation is completed, you will get a shortcut on your desktop
  • Open Wassapp through shortcut  and you will get two options – Register and Login
  • If you already have WhatsApp account, then you can simply enter your phone number and the password (i.e. the IMEI number )
  • Select whether you want the verification code through SMS or through the call and then generate the code by clicking on Request code
  • When you receive the code, enter it and you will get a password
  • Use that to login to your account and start your chat session with your friends

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