Best 10 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

If you own an Android phone and love taking pics on it, here’s some great news. Now you can take all the pics you want (never mind the lighting or angle) and then use photo editing apps for android to edit those pics. Oh, and before you ask, we’ll tell you. You don’t need to pay anything – these apps are free!

Best 10 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android


Snapseed lets you enhance, saturate, contrast and white balance images. Use the HDR Scape filter to give your pictures an extra edge and the Shadows Slider to brighten dark areas. Lighting will not be a problem anymore.


Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

Using AfterFocus, you can apply filters to remove background stuff, drawing lines around the stuff you want to retain. This is one of the best free photo editing apps for android, if you want to get professional-looking blurring.


You can use this app to apply 14 toy camera effects to your pics, for a fun new take. You can save your pics to your mytubo account as well, and share it with friends via social media.

Photo Art – Color Effects

With this app, you can actually apply filters and effects with your fingers to specific areas of the pic. This feature makes Photo Art unique among other photo editing apps for android. It’s a sophisticated app that’s very simple to use.

PicsArt – Photo Studio

Personalize your pics using this photo editing app for Android. Add various effects, images, text or clip art. Change colors and fonts, apply filters and create collages, share your pics with other PicsArt users and social media friends.

Face Agingbooth

Want to know what you’ll look like when you’re older? Try the Face Agingbooth photo editing app for Android! You can add text to your pics, rotate them, crop them and more. You can make a 20 year old look 90.

1.      Pixlr Express

With the Pixlr Express, you can add borders, whiten areas, remove red-eye, rotate, resize, change colors and so on. You can store the settings for each pic, which makes it easy to remove unwanted features.

Photo Editor by Aviary

You can use this app to draw on your pictures, add effects, and adjust size, font and color. You’ll enjoy the cool touch and pinch-to-zoom interface. You can set your edited pics as your wallpaper and also share them on your social networks.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app can do everything that the PC Photoshop app can, so go ahead and crop and color and filter to your heart’s content. Create an account on their site to save your pics on the web.

Photo Grid – Collage Maker

Use Photo Grid – Collage maker photo editing app for Android to create funny grid collages. Add clip art and text to your pics and apply filters to create one-of-a-kind collages.

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