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5 Jan 2015

Business Organizational Chart Templates

In the current era where heat of competition is at its best, business organizations need to be perfect in their strategies to achieve the intended goals. For this, many tools are there to help them out, but
31 Dec 2014

Visio Network Diagram Templates with Examples

How many of you are well familiar with the Microsoft Visio? Those who don’t, just let me tell you it’s an amazing software by Microsoft that lets you create diagrams and vector graphics for your projects belonging
30 Dec 2014

Logical Data Modeling Tools/Examples/Concepts

Are you fed up of looking for logical data modeling tools/examples/concepts? I can understand your frustration. Looking for something that you desire for from the virtual world of web has never been an easy task. Before I
25 Dec 2014

Business Process Management Software Certification Templates

Business process management holds a high importance for any business organization. If you are related to business organization in any way, then you don’t need to be made familiar with the importance of it. I’ve often seen
23 Dec 2014

Customer Relationship management software templates

In this highly competitive era, success of your business depends on your relations with your customers. Customer is everything for you, and if he/she is not satisfied due to one reason or another, your business will drown
1 Dec 2014

HTML5 Templates Free Download With CSS and JQuery

Whether you’re an expert coder or a beginner, it’s always a good idea to use a readymade HTML5 template for your HTML5 pages. It’s much easier to tweak one than to code one.Basically, templates are fantastic to
30 Nov 2014

5 Best free responsive html5 website templates

Since the launch of the World Wide Web, the utilization of websites have gotten to be widely famous, not just for the sole motivation behind giving the world the important data about the particular organization additionally for
4 Oct 2014

Blank Calendar Template 2014

Suppose you want to create a school calendar, or a monthly event calendar. What do you do? Do you sit down with paper, rulers and pencils to draw out a calendar? What happens when you need to
30 Sep 2014

Three Creative SWOT Analysis Template Example/PPT Ideas

In a formal environment when you are presenting your ideas through a presentation, then your approach is very important. Thus in a business strategy or marketing type presentation, there is usage of SWOT Analysis Template PPT. SWOT
9 Jun 2014

Gap Analysis Template Excel Free

Gap analysis refers to the comparisons that are drawn between two performance factors. These can be past and present performance, potential and actual performance and so on. These templates are used mostly by organizations which want to