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22 Jun 2014

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions on Manual Testing Interview

Manual Testing Interview Questions: Before going into manual testing interview questions let us discuss the definition of manual testing.  If any testing either functional or performance testing or load testing etc. are carried out with manual effort
18 Jun 2014

Most Frequently Asked Questions on JAVA Interview

Most Frequently Asked Questions on JAVA Interview At the heart of Java technology lies the JVM ( Java Virtual Machine)… the abstract computer on which all Java program run. JVM is the primary component of the Java
16 Jun 2014

Frequently Asked Questions on J2EE Interview Questions

Java is divided into 3 Phases: 1)      JSE ( Java Standard Edition) 2)      JEE ( Java Enterprise Edition) 3)      JME ( Java Mobile/Micro Edition) Introduction to J2EE: J2EE Stands for java enterprise edition, works as a specification.