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25 May 2017

Top 5 Best Mobiles for Photography

When asked about the most important necessities of life, we no more name air, water, food and shelter as answers to it. Now there are new definitions of it with the most important answer being mobile or
3 Dec 2014

Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1

Antivirus software are the computer programs that detects and protects a computer against malware threats like spywares, Trojan horses, virus etc. Every now and then computers are affected by viruses which leads to the loss of data
27 Nov 2014

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1/8/7 Laptop

As indicated by reports, the Windows shield of Windows 8 and 8.1 can oppose various present day dangers, for example, zero day assaults, without utilizing any outsider security suite. In any case now-a-days being secure and need
26 Nov 2014

Best Free Internet Radio Stations

Music is in fact the universal language. You needn’t bother with words to comprehend an inclination passed on by a specific bit of music; all it takes is an executioner beat to make stadiums of individuals with
11 Oct 2014

Nokia Lumia 730 vs Lumia 830- Choose the Best Smartphone Fit for Your Purpose

Good News for Indian gadget lovers waiting for Microsoft’s Killer Handsets Nokia Lumia 730 and Nokia Lumia 830. They were recently released in the selected Asian Markets including India. Here we presented great comparison between two smart
10 Sep 2014

All you Need to Know about the new iWatch from Apple

With the revelation of the iWatch at the Flint Centre of Performing Arts, Apple has stamped its entry into the smartwatch vertical market that was previously dominated by its primary rivals like Samsung and Sony. The iWatch
8 Sep 2014

Top 10 Free Antivirus for Windows XP

Microsoft has withdrawn all the technical support for Windows XP leaving its present users in the dark. There are many security issues with Windows XP that makes it vulnerable to threats from the internet or viruses. But
15 Jun 2014

5 Best Laptops For College Students

Since the semesters are nearing their end and the students are gearing up for the next challenge and the next semester. One of the most important gadgets that should be possessed by the students in the new
11 Jun 2014

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000 USD

With the surge of the smartphone revolution, many people have strived to play games on their mobile devices but the charm of playing such games on a laptop remains intact. With the help of a gaming laptop,
4 Jun 2014

Top 7 Best Laptops Under 1000 USD

The digital world has never been on a thumping rise as it is now-a-days. There is a rollicking demand for gadgets and especially for the laptops. With the mounting competition, the market is coming up with multiple