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26 Jun 2017

Top 5 LEECO Smartphones to buy in 2017

LeEco mobile are very excellent in performance and it you want lots of features in a single package within affordable cost then you can trust this brand. This company always tries to enhance the performance of its
21 Jun 2017

5 Best Smartphone to buy in May 2017

Now a day, we have lots of Smartphone available in the market and these phones have unique features and all this will confuse a customer. There is a huge community of people who don’t know which Smartphone
19 Jun 2017

Top 5 Huawei Smartphones to buy in 2017

The Huawei is a Chinese Telecommunication company which has been manufacturing mobile phones since 1997. It’s also the largest telecom infrastructure maker in the world. The company also makes the Android Smartphones and tablets. Recently they are
17 Jun 2017

5 Best Budget Smartphones to buy in 2017

Hey there if you were looking to get yourself a budget phone, but on the same time value for the money one,  then you are on the right page. Below we have compiled a list of 5
14 Jun 2017

Top five HTC smartphones in 2017

HTC are one of the top OEM’s for Android. Let’s have a look at the top five HTC smartphones in 2017. HTC U Ultra: HTC U Ultra smartphone was launched in January 2017. The phone comes with
12 Jun 2017

Top five ASUS smartphones in 2017

ASUS has established themselves a niche in the hardware business with affordable android phones. Let’s have a look at the top five smartphones by ASUS in 2017. The ASUS ZenFone AR:  The ASUS ZenFone AR is an
9 Jun 2017

5 best Android smartphones under INR 40000 in India in 2017

Android fans have so many choices, unlike Apple fans or Windows fans, to look forward to when they decide to splurge their money on new hardware. Today, we take a look at five of the best Android
7 Jun 2017

Apple’s Music app gets new features on Android

Apple is trying hard to get more people into its ecosystem. So much so that they have released their app for Android covering all the features from their own operating system. Apple wants to conquer the music
5 Jun 2017

Verykool s556 Alpha, the low-end featured phone comes at 6000 INR

The one thing that makes Android so popular is its open source technology. No OS comes close to it in the mobile world and this has a lot of perks for both smartphone manufacturers and customers. Lots
27 May 2017

Google comes with “Family group” for sharing photos calender and YouTube TV.

Over the years, Google has added several useful family sharing features to its existing services so as to make it easy for all users to share their contents with their near and dear ones. The existing features