Top 111 Best Whatsapp Status

Are you looking for new and fresh Whatsapp status for today? It is better to change your monotonous status to some funny and inspirational Whatsapp status. You can alos dedicate some sweet and cute Whatssapp status for your friend.

Today is the era where we are surrounded with tech savvy people because of the tremendous use of Android phones these days which has made people more close to technology and as a consequence of this, the use of Whatsapp has become a part and parcel of life. We present top 111 best Whatsapp status for all the Whatsapp users:

111 Best Whatsapp Status

Here are the best 111 Whatsapp Statuses for your Whats app profiles

If you want happiness to choose you back, keep choosing happiness every day.

Life is all about creating yourself, not about finding yourself.

Today is the day you need to work hard to be successful.

Doing d best at ds moment puts u in d best place 4 d next moment.

Pretend as if you don’t care, than admitting that it is killing you.

Extremely busy to set a status.

Mind-blowing Whatsapp status: I am not single, I am just romantically challenged.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Best Whatsapp Status

Do your best everytime, you will surely be rewarded.

Stop crying for the person who does not care for your tears.

Feeling High

Feeling Low

A smile shows your strength.

Whatsapp Status for love

Be my Love for tonight.

I am missing my mom and dad as no one can ever love us like our parents do.

Don’t lose yourself too much in the process of loving your partner.

Setting Goals are today’s preparation for tomorrow’s success.

You do not see your Good friends always but you still know that they will always be with you no matter what.

You can compare Life with riding bike. In both the cases, you have keep moving to stay balanced.

Get ready to do something which you have never done in order to achieve something which you never had.

Stop judging people and start to love them.

Love me or Hate me. Either way, I am the best.

Funny Whatsapp Status

Go to heaven for the best climate and hell for the company.

We just have a few real friends, the rest are just people we socialize with.

Hey there Whatsapp is using me.

Do you know the meaning of Family? F-A-M-I-L-Y means Father And Mother I Love You.

Replace SILENCE with PEACE in your life.

Smile today.

When you stop trying, everything will be over. So never stop.

Confuse them if you fail to convince them.

Love Status for Whatsapp

Guys, raise your hand if you like me. If not, then you may raise your standard.

Once you have decided what you need to do, be a donkey until you achieve it.

Be odd to be number ONE.

Wake up and make your dreams come true.

Stopping the waves might not be possible but learning to surf is.

Hey did you know that my road to success is currently under construction.

If someone says, “You have Changed a lot”, It means “you have started living your life your way”.

As I said, I will surely win, if not immediately but Definitely.

You are not born to impress but to express.

If you are one of the silent people, you most probably have the loudest minds.

Change is unchangeable.

Broken Heart Whatsapp Status

If you want to live the life you love, then start to love the life you live.

To know how strong you really are, be strong.

Success comes with experience and experience comes with failure.

Mistakes are the proof that I am still trying.

Hey Don’t be dead. Enjoy each and every moment.

I am not online, it might just be an optical illusion.

Just keep replacing one worry with another.

I may not be perfect, but I am the best you will ever have.

Looking for someone who can really love me.

I wish to see you soon.

Whatsapp Status Quotes

Take me to a point from where I can’t come back.

Did I say I am drunk? No. I think I am chemically off balanced.

You can never lose if you keep trying.

Stop trying to change her. Why don’t just Change her !

You are certainly on the wrong way if anything does not come your way.

You cant buy happiness with money because the more you have it, the more you will want it.

Either you succeed or gain experience.

Having Honest enemies is much better than having fake friends.

Yes, I am lazy. We all are. Prove me wrong. You can’t. Because you are lazy too.

Love can never be bought nomatter how rich you are.

I love my body. I just need someone to love my soul.

The weather is so cold outside. I need a tight hug.

I am on ETC mode- Oh Wait- It simply means End of Thinking Capacity.

I am on the wrong train. I hope it takes me to a right destination.

It is always better to Try and fail 100 times than not trying.

Cool Whatsapp status

Ignorance and Confidence are the two things you need in your life to become successful.

My Whatsapp status is Loading— Kindly wait for few seconds.

Happiness comes by our own actions.

Always Remember that it was just a bad day for you, not a bad life.

I am currently focusing on what I have to gain rather than what I may have to lose.

It is always better to depend on yourself than depending upon others, because you never know when there would be no one to walk with you.

She realized what I mean to her only when I stopped caring for her.

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